The most important video games for PC to be released in August – September 2012

We will start a new series of articles from now on, presenting in a few words the video games that are about to be released for the current month or the current and the next one.
These are the video games for PC mostly (the most important titles) that will be released in August and September 2012.

August 2012.
Sleeping Dogs – Action – to be released on 17 more »

Mafia 3 rumors, release date for 2013

According to some Czech gaming website, 2K Czech is currently developing the third title from the Mafia series, a game that will continue the story from the point where Mafia 2 has ended.

There are no screenshots or videos at this time, only a vague release date for consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3, somewhere in 2013.

No word yet regarding a PC version but not releasing a PC version more »

Lava lamps, are they worth?

Lava lamps have a simple build, there are even tutorials on the web that are showing how to make a lava lamp at home.

It is better to see them live before ordering one from the Internet. The videos from the web might not help that much.

The lava can be either green, red or purple but the light source is the one that has a big impact. If it is yellow and the “lava” more »

World of Warcraft has lost 1.1 million subscribers in Q2 2012

Blizzard officials announced a few days ago their statistics for the number of World of Warcraft subscribers for Q2, 2012. 1.1 million players have unsubscribed from WoW during this time.

This is after their previous announcement regarding Q1 when the number of subscribers have remained the same.
The number of subscribers have reached the peak during the previous expansion, more »

World of Warcraft monthly subscription can’t be paid in advance, contract clarification regarding Annual Pass

Those who signed up for the Annual Pass contract with Blizzard might have heard that the contract will reset from zero if the payment is delayed. This is 100% false.
Paying in advance is not a bad idea as paying in front for 6 months will grant you one free month compared to if you have chosen to pay monthly. After all, the payment is inevitable as this is a contract.

The issue more »

Payment rejected when upgrading World of Warcraft to Mists of Pandaria

It is a good idea to upgrade your World of Warcraft account to Mists of Pandaria and not do it in the last days when Blizzard’s servers will get flooded by user requests that are trying to upgrade their game.

There is an issue that may be fixed sooner or later, if you enter your credit card with empty spaces (eg. 1254 6598 7896 1236), your credit card will get more »

Prometheus sequel announced, possible release date

One of the most interesting and anticipated movie of this year, Prometheus, will receive a sequel as the official announcement was made today. Those subscribed to the IMDB Android app were happy to see the news today at early hours.

Only few details are known at this time, that Ridley Scott will still direct the next movie, one of the script writers, Damon Lindelof might not continue more »

SSX 3, the best game for PS2?

There are not so many games for PlayStation 2, even few those that are worth to be played. If you have a PlayStation 2 console and you are looking for good games, maybe the best ones, YouTube is the best place to take knowledge of them by searching “best PS2 games” or similar keywords.

SSX 3 is the number one game from tops, from most videos found on YouTube.

The more »

Razer unveils Ouroboros, top end ambidextrous mouse

Razer has unveiled a few days ago, their new mouse from the “expert” category (most expensive). It is a new ambidextrous mouse named “Razer Ouroboros”.

The name comes from an ancient symbol, Ouroboros being a snake that is eating his tail, “re-creating itself, the eternal return”.

It we never heard about that snake, “Ouroboros” more »

Download Calibre, e-book converter, PDF to mobi, best format for Kindle

PDF files cannot be used on most Kindles as the pages won’t get “text formatted” to fit into the screen. They will just appear with a very small font, every page within a Kindle page which will make reading almost impossible.

One of the best formats for Kindle is Mobi, you can convert pdf files (Adobe Reader) into mobi files using Calibre, a free software more »