7 similarities between World of Warcraft, other video games, and Game of Thrones

George R. R. Martin has published the first book, “A game of thrones” in 1996 and World of Warcraft or at least Arthas has turned into a death knight in 2002 when Warcraft 3 was released.

We will use “Game of Thrones” instead of “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

7 similarities.

1. White walkers – Death Knight characters and class in WoW. more »

Spotify proxy 404 error

Spotify users might encounter this error when logging in, a proxy 404 error that won’t allow them to login and use Spotify. This error appears after around 30-40 seconds after the user tries to login into the client.

There’s nothing to select from the proxy options displayed there, after the error warning is displayed.

How to fix this? I’m not sure if it is more »

Final Fantasy VII Enhanced not starting

Final Fantasy VII Enhanced edition should run without issues on any Windows operating system, XP, Vista or 7, regardless of the bit version, 32 or 64.
There is only one issue that might appear if you decide not to install the DirectX that is asked when the installation process of the game is finished. If you digg enough, you will even see the Windows error, “D3dx9_43.dll is more »

Razer live wallpaper for Android

There are a few unofficial Android themes on Google Play with Razer but they don’t look that great. Here is how you can customize your smartphone with a Razer live wallpaper that looks pretty awesome.

First thing, you can download “Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper” from Google Play, from here, free. This live wallpaper is compatible with any device and will consume a very more »

Final Fantasy VII Enhanced Edition available for download, what is new

As Gamescom ended, Square Enix has released the enhanced version for Final Fantasy VII that is currently available for download from finalfantasyviipc.com/en (the official website), for 10 euro.

What is new for this version?

First of all, it can be played on any monitor, no matter the resolution, it has almost HD videos, the cutscenes. These videos are not wide though but they more »

Yahoo message not allowed – [320] (in reply to end of DATA command)

If you are still using Outlook Express, the default e-mail client within Windows XP, and you encounter this issue, not being able to send e-mails to any Yahoo e-mail address and receiving a fail send message reply (Message not allowed – [320] (in reply to end of DATA command)), you can check the most simple thing.

The date on your computer, if is not set properly, if is 2013 more »

Razer to release DeathStalker and DeathStalker Ultimate

Razer has just announced their new gadgets, two keyboards, the cheap and the expensive version, DeathStalker and DeathStalker Ultimate.

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate has a price of 250$, has a SwitchBlade panel on the right side, just like the Razer Blade laptop and the Razer Switchblade device concept (not released).

The panel has 10 keys that can be assigned to anything that is more »

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria cinematic trailer revealed at Gamescom

Blizzard has made public the cinematic trailer for the the future Mists of Pandaria that will be released next month, most likely this video will act as the intro for the game though is not named “cinematic intro” and only “cinematic trailer”.

Blizzard is showing once again their video animation skills, the trailer presents three characters, a human, an orc and more »

5.0.4 to be released on 28 August (Pre-MOP Patch), changes

Blizzard has announced that they will release a pre-MOP patch on 28 August, 5.0.4, a patch that will bring no less than six gigabytes of data.

The patch will include a new UI, the Theramore Island scenario, new skills and glyph system and most likely some of the new cool features from Mists of Pandaria (eg. hunters already carrying their bows on their back).

Arena season 11 more »

Digital video games as a better choice than retail versions

Peter More, Chief Operating Officer at Electronic Arts (EA) has declared that the retail box video games era is about to end.

Gamers have bought a lot of digital video games in 2011 (last year) and the percent of video games sold in digital format has increased by 55% (EA source).
There is no doubt that with the rise of Steam and online video games, the digital format is more »