3 new video cards from ATI, Radeon HD 6670 – HD 6570 – HD 6450

The next “HD” generation of video cards from ATI is here, 3 new models:

– Radeon HD 6670
– Radeon HD 6570
– Radeon HD 6450

Lets see what these gaming engines have to offer:

– Radeon HD 6670 (Turks): 800 MHz graphic chip frequency, 480 stream processors, comes in two versions, one with 512 and one with 1GB memory GDDR5 at more »

God of War crashes at desert level

God of War has a well known issue. The game is getting stuck in the first seconds after you reach the desert level. And is not from your console.
There is a graphic glitch that will cause your game to crash and there is not much to do, but lets try a few things:

– restart your PS2.
– make sure that you save the game fast as you reach the desert, there is a save more »

Penguins for sale?

Around 1300 Internet users are searching this term on Google, “penguins for sale”.
How can you raise a penguin as a house pet since they need a very cold weather.

The point of this post is to show you how to take advantage of those 1300 monthly users. There is already a website, penguins4sale.com that is selling penguins for 25$.

Actually, the owner of the more »

How to change the language on IMDB?

Many Internet services like YouTube or IMDB have auto-enabled specific languages for users, meaning that if you are from Sweden for example, you will see all the movie titles in Swedish language.

There is no option to see the titles in English.

This happens if you enter IMDB.COM as a guest users.

To solve this, you will need to create an IMDB account and from the more »

A new console from Sony, NGP!

Sony has announced that soon they will release a console entitled “NGP“, having the latest hardware technology, touchscreen, unlike the casual PSP (Portable Play Station).
NGP is announced to be released not so far from now, actually in the first months of 2011.

The console will also act like a GPS, having the 3G technology, it will allow users to download from more »