How to pass the Phoenix room in God of War 2?

How to solve this puzzle?

You have that stone that can be moved. Move the stone to the elevator (you probably already did). The trick is that you need to put the stone so it will stay half in the room and half on the elevator’s side.

This way, the elevator will get stuck when you push the lever in order to send it up.
Then, get up, on the north side and perform a more »

Crysis 2 – Invaders must die video, details about the game

Crysis 2 will be released this month on 22 March.

EA Games are pushing the game even further, from the “Benchmark game” that was Crysis 1 to a competitive multiplayer game and a fierce competitor for Call of Duty Black Ops. Crysis 2 is featuring nanotechnology. Invisibility, jump boost and a lot of high tech abilities.

This is a video entitled “Crysis 2 more »

Why playing Crysis 2 on a console is better than playing on the PC

This video is showing pretty much why.
To be able to play Crysis 2 on PC, you need to create an account, login, pass more login pages, you will be redirected to a website that won’t load, get back in the game to try again only to find out that is still not working.

On a PlayStation 3 or Xbox, there are none of these issues.

On consoles, you also get auto-aiming more »

How to make a Cronjob that will visit a php page?

To setup a cronjob, go to your, hit CTRL+F, search: “Cronjob” and click on the icon that will be highlighted.

Write there a command like this. Replace with your url and page.php with your php page.

You also need to select the timing when you want the server to visit your page: like more »

Serious Sam 3 details and release date

After Serious Sam 2 was pretty much a fail (SS2, not “The second encounter”), Croteam is trying to get back into business with Serious Sam 3. The action will take place before the events in the first Serious Sam (“The first encounter”), just before the mastermind “Mental” will invade the world with armies of angry small or big monsters.

Also, one of more »

Motorola Atrix – smarthphone and laptop

Motorola Atrix, funny name, as if you get the “M” from Motorola and if you put it in front of “Atrix” will result “Matrix”.
This gadget will be the next thing (as Motorola is saying), will function as both a smartphone and a laptop and will be used at the same capacities and performances as if they were individual.

Motorola Atrix is more »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trailer and details

Bethesda Software is already working on their new title, a sequel for TES IV Oblivion that will be named “Skyrim” and will be the fifth part of the Elder Scrolls series.

What Skyrim means? For the lore fans of TES, this is not an unknown place. It is a region from the game’s universe, more information here:

There are also more »

How to remove the WordPress header bar?

#Update, thanks to the user who left the first comment.

– go to wp-admin.
– on users tab, select “your profile”.
– uncheck where you see “show admin bar”.
– problem solved, happy blogging.

Today, Wordpress was updated to the 3.1 version.

However, there are some things that makes the 3.1 version, a big more »

How to use Google Fonts?

This is the directory with all the fonts:

To get started, follow these steps:

1. Pick one font from and click on it.

2. Click on “Use this font”.

3. Copy in the <head></head> of your website, this code for example: <link more »

The One – Matrix mode for Max Payne

This is one of the best modes for Max Payne, the old game developed by Remedy.
The mode will make the game more fun, it is adding a new skin for the main character, making him look like Neo from “The Matrix”. Other than this, you won’t lose health if you fall from high buildings, it has improved “bullet time” and extreme jumps.

Also, it will allow more »