Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom tutorial, tips & tricks for beginners

This is an interesting 2D oldschool game, an ancient Asian themed city builder.

If you like Famrville or any other games that are allowing you to build and grow your garden, this is the perfect game for you.
In Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom, players can build huts for hunters that to hunt for food. The food that will supply the city needs. You can build fishing more »

Human Android – Geminoid DK

If you look at the video, until the human figure in there will move his face, you won’t really be able to say that it’s not human, as it looks incredible real.
It is actually a human looking android, having the code name “Geminoid DK”. It was developed in Japan.

What is its purpose? Mostly, the developers said that they make these androids so they will more »

Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone and iPad from Verbatim

Verbatim has released a keyboard that can be attached to each of the Apple’s products: iPhone or iPad in order to make the writing more comfortable and faster.

Even more comfort comes from the Bluetooth connectivity since there are no wires. The keyboard has a small size: 9 inches long and 6 inches wide, also can be folded in two, meaning it will be 4-5 inches long.
more »

Starcraft 1 to Starcraft 2 converted campaign pack, available for download

Someone did a great job and recreated the original Starcraft 1 campaign for terrans using the Starcraft 2 editor. And this is playable, you can enjoy the first 10 missions of the first Starcraft that was created by Blizzard many years ago.

Download the map here (this is the file you need): download link.

This Starcraft 1 to Starcraft 2 converted campaign pack more »

Crysis Extreme FX 2

Crysis Extreme FX 2 is a mode for Crysis that was made by an amateur, but a really good developer as you can see in the video.

This mode will improve the special effects from Crysis, mostly the things that go “boom”, the explosions. However, it will require a very good PC, this video was recorded from a PC with the following hardware: Q9650 3.8GHz processor with 8GB more »

LGA1366 socket Motherboard – Asus X58 ROG Rampage III BE details

Asus X58 ROG Rampage III BE Details

Asus X58 ROG Rampage III BE is made by Asus for the LGA1366 socket. This is their latest motherboard model for this socket who is pushing the performances further, even though this old socket had some issues.

As memory, the X58 ROG can support up to 48 GB of RAM, having 6 slots available, DDR3 technology.

Also, we can find on this more »

God of War 2 review

God of War 2 was released shortly after the first God of War, just for PlayStation 2 consoles, featuring Kratos in his new conflicts with gods and everything human and inhuman.

If you have already finished the first God of War and you have checked on the Internet the “extras” (treasures) that are getting unlocked when you finish the game, you have seen the deleted levels more »

Cocktail juice vending machine: Coke Freestyle

Seems that they exist since 2009, it’s a product designed by Coca Cola.
This vending machine can make a cocktail from the juices you see in the icons, Coke, Fanta, Sprite, all of them, all the Coke flavors, Minute Main Light, Dasani, Powerade, Hi-C, Vault etc.

The name of the vending machine is “Coke Freestyle”.
It is just like the Pepsi Twist juice where more »

X58A-OC overclocking motherboard from Gigabyte

X58A-OC is the latest pc motherboard with overclocking capabilities from Gigabyte. (OC) comes from overclocking, its name.

X58A-OC details:

– has onboard overclocking switchers
– sata connectors
– dual bios
– supports LGA 1366 socket Intel processors for the 6 core technology
– DDR 3
– PCI express 2.0 graphic more »

High resolution Risen 2 screenshots, images

We have some really huge Risen 2 screenshots from IGN, the new RPG that is developed by Piranha Bytes.

These are actually the scans from the PCGames Germany magazine, on bigger resolution and higher quality.

We can see the artistic design of Risen 2, how the game will look at the launch if they won’t improve the graphics even more than this.

A morning in Risen more »