Anno 2070 release date and details

Ubisoft has just announced that they are working on their next game from the “Anno” series, Anno 2070.

Unlike the previous games, this is one is getting rid of the medieval theme, it is placed in the future, in 2070. Players can expect futuristic buildings, technology, even spaceships as cabs as we can see in the few screenshots that are available at this time.

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How to create a Facebook fan page, welcome tab, assign an URL?

1. How to create a Facebook fan page?

– First thing you need is a Facebook account from where you will create a Fan Page.
– Create a Facebook account, from the left panel, click on “more”, click on “Ads and Pages”.
– Click on “create a page”.
– Select from that window, what kind of Fan Page you will need, more »

Crysis blur graphics tweak

If you can’t afford to play Crysis on the high graphic settings, you can make some tweaks in order that the game to run better.

With a decent PC, you can even play Crysis on high graphic settings, after all, the game was released in 2007 and there are 4 years since then. A dual core processor and 2GB ram will do fine for high graphic settings. The graphic card must be decent, a more »

Patrician 3 tips and tricks for making money

Patrician 3 is an old video game created by Ascaron.

Patrician 3 tips and tricks

If you just started playing Patrician 3 and want to make some good money, you should know that iron is the best product that can be sold. You get plenty of money from it.
Just buy everything under 300 gold and sell it to towns that have no iron.

Also, you can buy beer from Stettin and more »

Morroblivion: Morrowind using the Oblivion graphic engine

Good news for the Elder Scrolls fans. Some video games developers have managed to create a mode that will convert “The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind” into “Oblivion”, so all the world locations, quests, dialogues, will be the same, except the graphics and the game mechanics like fighting the style. Those will be taken from Oblivion.

All the locations, Balmora, more »

Nokia smartphones using Windows

Nokia seems to make some last attempts to get back into business since all the smartphones now are using Google’s Android operating system, Nokia has made a deal with Microsoft to develop their new generation of smartphones for 2012 using the Windows mobile OS.

Microsoft’s CEO denied the rumors that were claiming that Microsoft will try to buy Nokia. Is just a cooperation more »

The biggest Starcraft 2 multiplayer fail

You can’t stop laughing after watching this Starcraft 2 replay.

The players are starting as usually after setting up the bases, they send scouts. Both the Terrin and the Protoss player.

However, the Protoss player wants to win using the “tower rush” strategy, and he goes on the bottom left corner of the map trying to build the pylons and towers.
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Gothic 1 In Extremo mode, tips and tricks

Gothic is a video game created by Piranha Bytes in the golden age of PC games.

What is “In Extremo”?

In Extremo is a German band that is making an appearance in Gothic 1. Remember the stage from the Old Camp. However, they were removed from the original game. I’m not sure if they appear in the German version of Gothic.

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Why is Farmville so popular?

This is a subjective view about Farmville, the flash game from Facebook.

Farmville is evaluated at millions of dollars and has many fans around the world who are playing it.

Why is Farmville so popular? Because it helps people do simple things, escape their office environments and have a virtual farm where they can grow a field and animals.

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GeForce GTX 550 Ti from nVidia has been released

Another video card from nVidia, from the extreme series (GTX), also having the “Ti” in its name for a more marketing appeal.

This video card is just improving the old GeForce GTS 450 and using the nVidia tags for superior video cards in order to sell better. However, the price is around 150$ (not really expensive).

GeForce GTX 550 Ti stats:

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