iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3, comparison

The IT websites and critics are already blaming Apple that besides the hardware upgrade and a few new design elements, iPhone 5 isn’t bringing something really innovative like Siri was for iPhone 4S. There is the new iOS 6 but nothing viral like Siri.

Others are already eager to pre-order the smartphone because is just an Apple product, meaning a high quality gadget.

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iPhone 5 unveiled, specs, will ship after 21 September

iPhone 5 was unveiled by Apple a few hours ago as we can see on their official website, apple.com, that the old iPhone 4S was replaced by the new iPhone 5.

Those that hoped to see a revamped design, a futuristic transparent design like we saw in those previous fake pictures for the new iPhone 5, will be disappointed because the new gadget looks quite the same as the previous iPhone more »

PSN 1.7 available for update, changes

Sony has announced on the official PlayStation blog that PSN users will be able to update their devices to the 1.7 firmware version, starting from this Wednesday (12 September).

What 1.7 will bring new?

New camera option, PSN users will be able to take pictures (screenshots), the feature will be available since 1.7, directly from the emotes menu.

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Bad Piggies to be released on 27 September for Android, IOS, Windows Mobile, PC and Mac

Rovio has announced their new game named “Bad Piggies”, to be released on 27 September. The players will be able to control the pigs this time, most likely trying to destroy the birds in a very funny way.

What is interesting is that Rovio has declared that Bad Piggies will feature a “never-before-seen gameplay”. This means that the gameplay won’t be about more »

Fifa 13 demo available on Origin

Electronic Arts (EA Games) has released the first Fifa 13 demo and the installer is available on Origin for download, the PC version.

The demo contains just one stadium, Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium and five available teams, AC Milan (Italy), Arsenal (UK), Borussia Dortmund (Germany), Juventus Torino (Italy) and Manchester City (UK).

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Kindle Paperwhite to be available from October, specs and prices

Those that were convinced that Amazon won’t ever release a Kindle with a built-in light source seems that were wrong because Amazon Paperwhite is almost ready to be released, and it has a light source incorporated.

Since the light source is so important because users are generally reading before sleeping, the new device comes to solve the last “inconvenient” that the more »

More than 11k Guild Wars 2 accounts hacked

More than 11.000 Guild Wars 2 accounts have been hacked recently, this is an official number provided by ArenaNet.
The ArenaNet officials said that the vast majority of users got their accounts hacked by phishing (clicking on links received in their e-mail inbox), also from visiting various websites.

There is one large Guild Wars 2 website (its name was not made public) that got more »

Hunter most fun PVP major and minor glyphs for patch 5.0.4

As Blizzard updated most of the glyphs in the latest World of Warcraft patch, 5.0.4, hunters also received some re-worked glyphs, some fun ones, some that are very useful.
What Blizzard has done was to make a lot of glyphs viable, situational, so players won’t get bored with a single glyph setup for an entire PVP season or even expansion like it happened in more »

Beast Master vs Marksman vs Survival, Hunter specs for patch 5.0.4

Comparing all three specs regarding the latest patch, 5.0.4, why the Beast Master spec is by far the best spec for hunters.

All hunter specs, PVP overview.

Beast Master has: Kill Command and Bestial Wrath (burst and two free trinkets), exotic pets, much more damage from Blink Strike, Intimidation.

Marksman has: Chimera Shot, Aimed Shot, Roar of Sacrifice.

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Second Razer Blade, specs, upgrade, price and release date

Razer has announced today, their new version of Razer Blade, the second edition, under “the beauty is now the beast” quote.
The gaming laptop comes with a hardware upgrade and will cost only more 200$, having the final price announced at 2500$.

Hardware specs.

Processor: third generation of Intel Core processors, I7+.
Graphic card: GeForce GTX 660M 2GB more »