Ex Apple CEO, Steve Jobs has passed away, age Of 56, 1955 – 2011

Steve Jobs, ex CEO of Apple, has passed away at the age of 56. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004 (claiming back then that he got cured after surgery) and suffered a liver transplant in 2009.

His health state didn’t improved, he quitted the CEO position at Apple, leaving Tim Cook in charge, he passed away on 5 October 2011.

Google is honoring Steve Jobs today more »

iPhone 4S release date, specs, price, announced a tLet’s Talk iPhone, iPhone 5 postponed

Everyone has hoped to see the future iPhone 5 yesterday at the Apple’s event, Let’s Talk iPhone in Cupertino, California. Maybe not because they were eager to buy the new device, but to see where the technology is headed and what innovations the new iPhone technology will bring.

Tim Cook, the current Apple CEO revealed the main device of the event, the iPhone 4S that is more »

iPhone 5, no live stream event, Tim Cook on stage, final rumors

Apple is launching the iPhone 5 today at their headquarters in Cupertino, California, in less than eight hours since now, Tim Cook, the new Apple CEO will be on stage presenting the new Apple gadget, replacing Steve Jobs who is retired because of health issues.

iPhone 5 launch will take place with “closed doors”, meaning that there will be no live stream for this event, more »

Samsung Galaxy Mini review

After around one month of using the Samsung Galaxy Mini, here is a complete review for this smartphone that usually is the cheapest (with Android) in the offers from the mobile phone operators like Orange, Vodafone etc.

The price is determined by the small 600 MHz processor, the small size of the screen and no flash support. Some people have said that having no flash is a good more »

WoW PTR 4.3, create premade characters, how to play from Europe?

It is possible to play World of Warcraft on PTR (Public test realm) even if being from Europe.

The current European PTR has the “copy character” and the “create premade” character options locked. The options are still unlocked after PTR was up since almost a week now.

Unlike the European one, the US PTR is fully operational, the players can create more »

How to download and install applications that are not from Google Play?

You can download applications from different websites. After the applications are on your PC, you can copy them on the MicroSD card of your smartphone and install them from there.

The applications can be easily recognized by the file extension which is “.apk”. Connect the smartphone using the USB cable, create a folder called “Apps” or more »

HTC Explorer release date, specs and price

The Taiwanese company, HTC, will release soon their cheapest smartphone on the market, targeting the entry level users that can’t afford to spent too much on a device that runs Android.

Considering the price, the HTC Explorer can compete with the future Motorola Fire that costs around 150 euro and that will be released next month, or the Samsung Galaxy Mini that is already on more »

Samsung Galaxy Mini cover, why to buy one?

There are many covers for Samsung Galaxy Mini that are not really made for this smartphone but they fit great. For example, the ones made by ProCell, one of these cheap covers costs around 5 euro and has a pretty good quality, is not leather though.

Any cover that is made for iPhone 3G, Samsung Omnia or HTC Desire should fit great for the Samsung Galaxy Mini.

The high quality more »

Bastion OST, listen for free

One of the most important aspects of Bastion is the music, funny, influenced by well known songs like the second one that is called “A proper story”, the intro for this song sounds almost the same as the “Solitary Man” by Johnny Cash. We have the incredible narrator’s voice, all can be listened for free here.

The original soundtrack can be bought from the more »

Bastion demo available for download

Bastion was released on 16 August, it is an action RPG, a 2D with some interesting concepts. It is a fun game overall, we have a ruined world, our hero is trying to restore a small heaven called Bastion.

To restore the Bastion, he has to complete a series of quests, visit many areas, fight mobs and collect items.

Bastion is not using the point and click system, the movement is more »