Download Mirc for Android, how to add a server and join a channel?

There is a IRC software available for Android smartphones called AndroidIRC and it does the same thing as the Mirc software for Windows.

The users can chat on IRC channels, chat in private, there are options for “whois”, “ping”, “kick”, most of the options from Mirc. Overall, it is a nice experience, here are a few tips for how to use more »

How to install and configure a TP-Link wireless router, TL-WR740N, default user, password and IP

TP-Link wireless routers are easy to install and configure. Follow these steps.

Notice that the most important aspect of having a new router is changing the password that is by default: “admin” and the user is the same, “admin”.

You don’t need a CD to install the router. This can also be done from a browser. The IP for the TP-Link routers is more »

Prestashop meta title and meta description for categories and products

Prestashop has a few built-in options for SEO, the title, meta description and the meta keywords can be modified from the admin panel.

Follow these steps to see how to modify the meta values or add new ones: login into admin panel, go to “catalog”, you should see there all the available categories, click the “edit” icon for any category. There should be three more »

Hedone beta client, key giveaway, how to create an account?

The Acony gaming studio is doing a giveaway of 1000 keys for the closed beta for the future cyberpunk first person shooter, Hedone.

The action in Hedone is taking place in 2018, the humanity is connected to an arena system network like we had in the ancient Rome, this time with more advanced weapons and technology.

How to get a Hedone beta key? Visit this page (is not English more »

Download CyanogenMod 7.1 for Android, compatible smartphones

CyanogenMod 7.1 was released today, a modified version of Android.

CyanogenMod is compatible with no more than sixty eight smartphones of the most important brands, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola.

The full list of compatible smartphones: HTC Desire S, HTC Incredible S and Incredible 2, LG Optimus 2X, from Sony Ericsson we have the Xperia XP, Mini, Mini Pro, Neo, more »

How to configure Axis 206 camera, default password, Axis IP

Axis 206 is a professional surveillance camera that can be connected to the PC either by using a direct connection or by using a router.

By default, the Axis 206 camera doesn’t have any software except “Axis IP”, a small executable that will just search and display the IP of the camera, something like this IP: (a local area network IP).

If the more »

Fruit Ninja rewards, unlocked blades and backgrounds

Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular game for Android and iOS, for smartphones and tablets.

This game is fun to play because you are motivated to unlock the rewards, the blades that are used to slice fruits and the backgrounds that can be activated to replace the default one.

Here are all the blades with a few words about them, which blade is the best.

We have the more »

Download MagicZoom for Prestashop, zoom module

Prestashop has a built-in zoom-in function that isn’t working well all the time.

MagicZoom is a free module for Prestashop. It can add a zoom-in function that will look and act more than fine or at least better than the default one from Prestashop.

The free version is adding a watermark text in the zoomed area. The text is saying: “Please upgrade to full version of more »

Belkin iPhone 4S essential cases, silicon, polycarbonate, colored models, prices

Belkin, a well known smartphone case producer has already released the “Essential Case” series for the recent announced iPhone 4S at “Let’s Talk iPhone” event from this week.

The new cases will be available in many colors for both business (conservative design) or very colored models for those who want a fancy looking smartphone.
The looks are not more »

The Witcher 2.0 is free to download

The Witcher 2 has received the same thing as the first game from the series, something that is more than a patch, actually a mode that is changing the game in many aspects, just like the Enhanced Edition is for the first game.

The Witcher 2.0 is doing the same thing, is correcting many bugs, it is changing the fight mechanics for the main hero, Geralt, how targeting enemies works, it more »