God of War 3 full video walkthrough HD 720p available on YouTube

God of War 3 was released in March 2010 exclusively for PS3, probably the most important video game ever released for this console along the previous titles, God of War 1 and God of War 2.

The third game from the God of War series is starting from where the second ended with Kratos climbing to the mountain of Olympus in order to face Zeus.

Along Gaia, the ancient oak, Kratos more »

SQL command to find duplicate entries from Phpmyadmin?

Follow these steps. There is no need to code a .php page in order to run this SQL command. Login to Phpmyadmin, go to the “SQL” tab, write the following command.

SELECT row FROM table GROUP BY row HAVING ( COUNT(row) > 2 ).

Explanation. The table name is named “table” in the command. The “row” name is the row from the table. Example. SELECT more »

Gigabyte GK-K6800 keyboard review, picture

Gigabyte GK-K6800 keyboard, a good choice for both gaming and office. This keyboard is not very cheap but not very expensive, it can go for around 15 euro.

Tech specs. 854g weight, 467L x 205W x 31.2mm H, once on the desk, it won’t move at all, the weight will keep it steady. The keys are the same as on every keyboard, except the side buttons, the multimedia buttons and the more »

Razer Abyssus, mouse review

Razer Abyssus, the cheapest mouse from Razer, ambidextrous, with three buttons (no side buttons), awesome design, great hand grip, light as a snow flake.

Razer Abyssus comes with two settings that can be adjusted, the polling rate, 125 and 1000 MHz, and the DPI, 450, 1800 and 3500 DPI. After the basic settings are done, the polling rate taken to 1000 MHz and the DPI to 1800, the mouse more »

MicroSD card won’t work, how to fix?

Sometimes, the MicroSD card won’t work. This article is explaining what to do if it happens.

Removing and inserting the MicroSD card (the simplest solution) won’t work most of the time.

First of all, run these tests. Remove and insert the MicroSD card, see if it helps.

Shut down the smartphone and remove/insert the battery.

If these actions won’t more »

Heart of the Aspects mount (Yellow Dragon) for sale on Blizzard Store

Blizzard has made a new doubtful choice today by announcing the Heart of the Aspects new mount that is available for sale inside Blizzard Store.

A doubtful choice because the mount was already announced a few months ago by MMO-Champion, at that time nobody knew how the players will receive the mount, if after an achievement or from doing PVE.

There are many topics open on the more »

Star Wars the Old Republic is losing subscribers

Star Wars the Old Republic was a hope for the Bioware fans that they will experience another role playing masterpiece.

But Bioware didn’t made it. We have some unofficial numbers.

Star Wars the Old Republic has started with around 1.2 million subscribers and the number went down by 65% considering the activity monitored by Xfire.

Of course that not every player is more »

How to make round corners for an image in Photoshop?

To create round corners for an image, follow these steps.

Open an image within Adobe Photoshop, draw a rectangle with the “Round Rectangle Tool”, above the initial image, double click where is saying “Shape 1” (the rectangle), turn the “Opacity” to zero.

Click “Ok”. Go to the “Paths” tab, right click, select more »

Why to use two monitors, Eyeinfinity for Catalyst, arrange monitors

Having two monitors is a great way to decrease the time wasted with Alt+Tab, having two monitors means having two browsers or software interfaces that won’t require Alt+Tab and no other actions besides refresh.

Using Eyeinfinity or the corespondent technology for nVidia video cards, you won’t be required to have two monitors of the same brand, model or even resolution. more »

Setting up two independent monitors, VGA>DVI, DVI>HDMI convertors

Having two independent monitors is not a bad idea for those who are doing multitasking, when doing alt + tab is not enough.

Setting up two monitors by using an older video card is easy. All that is required is that the video card to have a VGA and a DVI output. The problems appear when the video card has just one DVI output and no VGA output.

This of course depends on how old more »