Razer Abyssus not registering scroll click issue

I’ve used a Razer Abyssus for like 7 or 8 months and never experienced any issue until two months ago. The mouse started to register the scroll clicks much slower, sometimes I had to press the button 3-4 times to make the click on the screen.

It coudn’t be repaired since I think the bottom cover (sticker or what it is) can’t be removed. I’m just curious if more »

YouTube November 2012 new video player

This is like the first change that YouTube is making that is not bad. They have implemented a new video player, very similar to the previous one.

The bottom bar is transparent now, the buttons are looking sharper and easier to press/control. The available options are quite the same, we have the play/pause button, the volume button, quality select button, “watch on more »

Surviving without a Razer mouse?

What to do in the meantime when your Razer mouse has issues and you can’t use it, so you have to repair it or replace it?

I’m in this situation.

The best thing to do is to play video games that don’t require the mouse. Games like Need for Speed Most Wanted. Great release timing EA!

Another solution is to not play anything at all or play casual strategy more »

Asus X55V drivers?

I had some issues with an Asus X55V today.

Asus X55V has drivers only for Windows 7, 64 bit. This is marked on the DVD that comes with the laptop.

If you install Windows 7, 32 bit, some important drivers like the LAN or the VGA one won’t appear in the list of the DVD that contains the drivers and you won’t be able to use the laptop. So Windows 7, 64 bit is more »

DotA 6.75 available for download

DotA 6.74 was not the last map ever created by Icefrog, considering that DotA 2 is available for everyone (on Steam).
The new map arrives after months since we had no update.

What it brings new?

Two new heroes, one agility and one intelligence.
One new item.
Changes for almost all old heroes and items.
A new loading screen.

The map can be more »

How to get to Krasarang Wilds?

Krasarang Wilds is the southern zone in Pandaria, marked with purple on the map. The environment is composed of forest and the sea shores but mostly wilderness like Feralas.
It is a darker, an old mystic place, not very friendly.

How to get to Krasarang Wilds?

If you have a parachute from engineering or you play a class that can slowfall, you can just jump from the edge more »

From where to buy Tome of the Clear Mind?

Blizzard has changed the item required to change the talents and glyphs. To modify any of these, you will require an item called “Tome of the Clear Mind”.

Quick answer. Tome of the Clear Mind can be found to Alchemy Supplies & Regeants in Stormwind.

Is the old building from Stormwind from where you usually bought class items in WoW Vanilla. The building is more »

How to leave Jade Forest?

Jade Forest is the starting zone for Alliance in Mists of Pandaria.

Quick answer. There is a bridge on the middle-west side of the map or you can leave if you finish the main story quest so you can talk to an NPC that will take you further. The next zone will be Valley of the Four Winds, a zone that looks completely different.

First look. Seems that this zone is quite similar more »

Hunter talents, spec, glyphs, pet for leveling in Pandaria

Leveling in Pandaria is a relaxing experience for those that have at least a full PVP gear set from the last arena season (gemed and enchanted). It is easier though for those with PVE gear from the previous Cataclysm raids.


Hunters can play using any of the three specs, Beast Master, Marksman or Survival but overall Beast Master is the easiest and most comfortable spec to more »

Mists of Pandaria launch coverage

Mists of Pandaria was released yesterday, preceded by many events throughout Europe. Blizzard has streamed the MOP launch using YouTube.

Looks like the IRL event was in order to make people feel that there is a transition between expansions.

On the stream, Ghoswtcrawler (Greg Street from Blizzard) was live from Paris, France. There have been some Asian artistic moments at more »