How to add custom social media buttons on your website?

Besides the default widgets that social media websites are providing, custom social media buttons can also be added to a website. Just custom Facebook or Twitter images with links for share, tweet etc.

Notice that these codes will work for any website and even for those that are using Wordpress as a platform. All that is required are some medium PHP coding skills for normal websites more »

How to read e-books on a smartphone, apps

It is a good idea to keep some e-books on your smartphone in case you get on a train or somewhere where you don’t have an Internet connection.

Even though doesn’t sound comfortable, reading an e-book from a smartphone isn’t a bad idea. The lack of comfort comes from the small screen, a tablet or an e-book reader is recommended, though.

But it can be more more »

Monitor won’t start, showing no signal

How to fix this issue, if the monitor won’t start even if the PC is running, the lights are on and the fans are rotating?

First of all, check the cables if they are properly plugged on the back of the monitor and on the video card output.

Do a test by connecting the PC to another monitor and with a different cable. Do this in case you have a second monitor and an extra more »

LG D1L release date, a possible rival for Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X

After the latest mobile devices announced at MWC (Mobile World Congress 2012, that was held in Barcelona, Spain, between 27 February and 1 March), LG has announced that they will release a high end Smartphone somewhere at the end of May, next month, a rival for Samsung Galaxy S3.

The announced device will be the first LG Smartphone to use the Google operating system, Android 4.0, Ice more »

Instagram to be bought by Facebook for 1 billion dollars

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook), has announced on his Facebook wall that Instagram will be bought by his company for 1 billion US $.

This comes after the incredible success recorded by Instagram for Android, the application being released a week ago and already had around 1 million downloads in less than 24 hours.

There are no other details available at this time regarding the more »

7 reasons why DotA 2 will be a success

There is no official release date for DotA 2 but Internet rumors are indicating that the game will be released somewhere on this autumn.

The game will be available for download on Steam but it is unknown if it will be completely free or will require a one time payment.

Considering the success of the other similar Moba game (Moba stands for “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena more »

Samsung Galaxy Note, pink color (berry pink) is available in Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note has received a new model that is currently available for sale in Korea, a pink colored device named “Berry Pink”.

Berry Pink shares the same technical specs as the original Galaxy Note, the only differences coming from the design, Berry Pink having a pink case, also coming with a pink S-Pen and a pink cover (everything is pink :)).

There is no more »

DotA 6.74c AI 1.3 HOPE, changes

The latest DotA AI map after the one named “Nightmare” is “Hope”, the 6.74c AI, 1.3 version. The map was developed by Pleasebugmenot with help from Cloud_str and the AI developing and testing team.

What is important is that the map runs on the official 6.74c DotA map engine and that is including everything added in 6.74c by Icefrog.

Important more »

How many seasons Game of Thrones will have?

The season two of Game of Thrones has started last week, we will cover some numbers and statistics.

Game of Thrones has an incredible 9,4 score on IMDB, votes given by around 116.000 registered users.
The first season only covered the first book volume. There will be around 6-7 volumes and so seasons should be if everything goes until now.

So the answer to the question, more »

Google tablet rumored release date, price and specs

The price for the first Google tablet and second Google gadget (Google Nexus), is 249 US $.

Considering this price, Google tablet will compete with Amazon Kindle. The tablet will be produced by Google and Asustek Computer, a Taiwanese brand.

The tablet will have a 7 inches screen, a nVidia Tegra 3 processor, will have Wi-Fi for connectivity and most likely will run under more »