How to install Windows 8 customer preview?

Windows 8 customer preview has been available for quite some time, this is a tutorial of how to install this operating system, step by step, explaining what to do on every screen that you will encounter.

You should start by downloading Windows 8 customer preview from

It will download an .iso file. Be sure to have at least 3 gigabytes of free disk space. You more »

How to setup RMAH for Diablo 3, link PayPal as a paying method to

Blizzard just launched the RMAH system for Europe after the last night’s maintenance. We can access RMAH (real money auction house from the “currency” button).
Players already have reported earning a few bucks from RMAH.

How to setup RMAH for Diablo 3, mostly linking PayPal to your account?
This process is very easy, follow these steps assuming more »

Diablo 3 Barbarian spec with all 3 ultimates

There are many interesting specs to play, one of them (for barbarian) is playing with 3 Rage abilities (Wrath of the berserker, Earthquake and Call of the Ancients). This should work against bosses (Butcher for example and fights that take longer than normal).

You can also farm ACT 1 or further if you have the gear by using both Wrath of the berserker and Earthquake. This will more »

How to create a business card in Photoshop, standard dimensions for Western Europe

Creating a business card in Photoshop is not an easy task mostly because of the size of the initial image. There are many articles on the web that are displaying the standard dimension of a business card for Western Europe, Eastern Europe, US etc, in mm, cm, resolution etc, but there is a different story once you create your image in Photoshop (it will be bigger).

These are the more »

How to change the board style to nest?

The forums are one of the best place to read stuff about movies, to look for ideas, impressions, debates, movie goofs etc.

The only problem is that if you are not logged into an account, you will have to click on the “nest” view every time you open a new thread to read, in case that you don’t want to click on every reply there.

To have the forum more »

Diablo 3 Barbarian BIS (best in slot) items

Here is a list with Barbarian “BIS” items (best in slot), that you should hunt in auction house if you want to advance in ACT 2 or further, inferno difficulty.

These items are pretty expensive and will require you to farm either hell or ACT 1 inferno if you already have some decent stats and you won’t be required to spend to much on repairs.

You will want to more »

Prometheus, a 3D experience, story explained

So, I went to see Prometheus, 3D version IMAX, hoping for an amazing experience since the movie has some good ingredients, the “alien” badge even though is just named “Prometheus”, a SF movie, and Ridley Scott.

This is mostly due the high number of 3D movies that are just showing incredible 3D effects but are lacking a decent story, so, Prometheus looked like a more »

Barbarian 2 handed weapon farming Inferno, spec, skills, items and required stats

“Offense is the best defense” saying works also for barbarians at some point where you can farm better the inferno act 1 or 2, with a 2 handed weapon instead of 1 handed weapon and shield.

The trick is to use a high DPS weapon with life steal, the Frenzy skill and have enough elemental resistance and armor to survive the elite packs.

Farming means that you more »

Diablo 3 Inferno getting nerfed in patch 1.0.3

Blizzard has announced that Inferno difficulty for Diablo 3 is going to be nerfed in the future patch, 1.0.3. More exactly, they are looking into what players complained, melee classes having a hard time to survive in inferno compared to the ranged classes that can kite. Also players complaining that they are getting one shot.

The item drop rate is getting changed, we will have a more »

Prometheus first scene explained

One of the most awaited movie of this year is already running on cinemas around the world, even though the official release date is 8 June for most countries.
This is a review that will try to explain how good and bad this movie is. forums are filled with topics saying that the fans were expecting more from this movie considering that it is an icon for the SF genre and more »