Computer does a long beep and restarts when Windows is loading (check cable error)

Some computers might not start at all (they won’t display anything on the monitor even if the lights are up). This is because they are configured to run with all the hardware plugged, even PCI devices like PCI USB, network cards (more than one), old modems etc.

If your PC is displaying on the monitor a message like this: “check cable error”, make sure to have all the more »

Barbarian vs Belial, Inferno tactics, DPS required

Bosses are DPS runs now as they will enrage and wipe you in a matter of seconds. The enrage timers have been added with 1.0.3 patch.
Belial is an easy fight even on Inferno difficulty, doesn’t involve much movement except the time when the room is getting full of poison clouds that are exploding.

Barbarian DPS required to down Belial. No issues with 12.5k DPS (unbuffed), more »

Diablo 3 end game content, what Blizzard can improve?

Beating Diablo on inferno is a great end game content, also the end of the game and the purpose of playing for most players as Diablo 3 tends to become very boring with all the farming required.

What is keeping and motivating players to keep going is the idea of beating Diablo on inferno, clear all the four acts.

Blizzard has nerfed IAS considerably, reducing the fun of this more »

Diablo 3 Barbarian Act 2 Inferno stats, skills for soloing, farming

After the nerf for Act 2, 3 and 4, brought by the latest patch for Diablo 3, barbarians are viable after Act 1 for both soloing or in parties, melee classes are not getting one shotted after Act 1.

As attack speed was nerfed (IAS), clearing Act 2 with a 2 handed weapon is very hard now, if you can’t down a pack of champions during a Wrath of the berserker, 1 handed weapon and more »

Diablo 3 Tristram music now and then, old version compared to the new one

Diablo 1 and 2 have shared the same OST for Tristram, the music being composed by Matt Uelmen, an American artist.

All the Diablo 3 music was composed by Russell Brower, including the new Tristram version.

Comparing both songs, the first one definitely sounds more old school, the song from Tristram in Diablo 2 being the icon of the game along the menu more »

Diablo 3 patch 1.0.3 changes, attack speed nerfed, repair costs increased

Patch 1.0.3 was already applied for US servers, Europe is currently under maintenance until 1 PM when the game will be available with the latest patch, 1.0.3.

The patch will auto-update once you run the Diablo 3 client, you just need to “allow” from the Firewall window that will pop-up.

Players are generally unhappy with some of the changes that this patch is more »

Diablo 3 Act 1 Inferno speedrun, farming gold as barbarian

It is much better to farm Act 1 if you play a barbarian using a 2 handed weapon, using an offensive build. You can finish Act 1, doing a speedrun in about 2 hours, gaining around 300-400k gold without including the items that you might sell in auction house.

A decent 2 handed weapon can be bought for around 100-200k gold, with at least 1.200 dps and attack speed. You can ignore other more »

DotA 2 invitation, account giveaway on steam with active beta

Since we have a DotA 2 account but we don’t play, we will give it here, free. To enter this contest, you have to leave a comment on this page (a few words or more, as you like), explaining what you expect from DotA 2 or what do you think about the DotA community, your experience with DotA (Warcraft 3), topics like these. Also a name and an e-mail will be required (from the “leave more »

Athene manages to raise 1 million $ for Save The Children

Athene and his friends have managed to finally raise 1 million dollars for “Save the children”, operation sharecraft, after around 80 days since he started this donations campaign.
He was yesterday on the stage at Dreamhack, a gaming convention that was held in Sweden, announcing the 1 million dollars goal that was reached.

During all these 80 days, they did live more »

Diablo 3 RMAH minimum bid, how you receive the money, how long it takes, fees and taxes

Diablo 3 RMAH has been available since a few days ago in Europe, there are plenty of items for sale, mostly expensive.
Good legendaries are sold for at least 7-10 euro while there are also poor quality items for 2 euro, or 1.25 euro (the minimum bid/buyout).

If you plan to sell an item for 1.25 euro (minimum), you will only receive 0.21 euro as the transaction fee is 1.00 euro more »