How to remove Lavasoft toolbar?

To remove Lavasoft toolbar, go to Control Panel and search for Ad-Aware. This software the actual “Lavasoft toolbar” protection.

Ad-Aware is a spyware removal software. It seems that is also running a background shield that may block certain websites. I had this issue with Even after trying to disable the shield, the Lavasoft toolbar would not allow me to load more »

Losing Internet connection, renew IP issue

If you encounter these issues, you can do a thing or two.

If the LAN IP for your computer is auto-assigned, you can add manual values to make sure that you don’t have an IP conflict.

Go “start”, search for “cmd” hit enter. Write “ipconfig/all”.

From there, you can see your auto-assigned IP, the subnet mask, default gateway more »

Recreate broken images, mass rename

Here is the situation. Some image files don’t have an extension like .jpg or .gif. If you open them, they look broken or fine.

If they are broken on your local hard disk but they look fine on the website/server, download them by using Filezilla (FTP client), from “settings”, go to “file types” and select “binary” and uncheck the two options more »

Razer Orbweaver lunched, what is new?

Razer has just launched Orbweaver, the new keypad that is trying to replace the old Razer Nostromo.

Even though Orbweaver is superior to Nostromo, the old keypad will still be available for sale. We can include Nostromo in the “Essential” category and Orbweaver into the “Expert” category.

What is Orbweaver bringing new?

– 20 mechanical more »

Grumpy cat account on Twitter

I’m not a fan of being spammed with random messages from unknown persons on Twitter but this thing got me.

There is an account with the “Grumpy cat” on Twitter,. I think that it’s not managed by the owners of the cat.

The tweets are things that the cat would say, like: “My New Year’s resolution is to hate you more.” or “I got 99 more »

CPU Throttling WordPress tips

I’ve found that WordPress comments can be an issue regarding “CPU Throttling”.

Your web host should have a folder that can be accessed by FTP: “tmp/mysql_slow_queries”. Check the latest .txt files.

I’ve found out that some of my WordPress blogs were heavily spammed by bots. These bots were inserting comments.

After I have disabled the more »

How to enable or disable catchall from CPanel?

Follow these steps.

Login into your CPanel, click on “Default address”. You will be redirected to a page that will display this message: “The Default E-Mail/Catch-All feature has been disabled by default due to Spam and Security concerns.
Please contact support if you need assistance with creating mail forwards (aliases) as an alternative.”

So, you more »

Volume macros for Razer Blackwidow?

Razer Blackwidow 2013 doesn’t have multimedia buttons for increasing and decreasing the sound volume.

However, you can set the “numpad -” and “numpad +” to act as volume controllers.

Start by downloading and installing this software: “autoHotkey” from It is free.

Open autoHotkey, click on “File” and more »

HP Probook 4540s drivers?

If you have lost the cd with the drivers, there is nothing to worry about.

HP has a software program that allows you to install all the drivers for this laptop within a few clicks.

The only thing you need first is to install the wireless LAN driver or you won’t have Internet access. The wireless driver is called “aero” or something.

If your Internet more »

How to get back your Second Life account if you have lost the password?

Having access to the e-mail address that was used for creating a Second Life account is not enough to reset the password. If you don’t know your username (eg. “Markus Rufus”, the username is your SL name), you can retrieve it if you know the e-mail address used for your account.

To reset the password, you will need to answer a secret question. Either your birthplace more »