WoW Armory for Android and iPhone is now free


Great news for those that are interested to stay all the time connected to World of Warcraft, even when they are not in front of a PC.

Blizzard has made the Android/iPhone WoW application, completely free. Those with a valid subscription can access the guild chat and the auction house feature for free. This was not possible in the past.
Having access to both of these features cost a fee of 3 euro per month before this update, besides the normal World of Warcraft monthly subscription.

What Blizzard could do to improve the application and make it more popular?
The Real ID system does not work, you can’t chat with anyone else outside your guild. They should work on this.

Being able to read the messages from /2 (trade) chat would also be awesome.

Companion pet battles. I think that this was already announced and might be implemented during Mists of Pandaria. It will really boost the interest of players with the smartphone application.

The application is called “WoW Armory”, it was made to be compatible with a large variety of Android smartphones, including those with a smaller screen. It works great on any type of iPhone.

Download the application for Android from Google Play, from here, free.

And the application for iOS (iPhones and other Apple devices) from here, also free.

WoW armory android application

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