World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria release


There are less than three hours until we will enjoy the YouTube stream that Blizzard has prepared.

The YouTube page that will host the stream, is currently displaying a countdown, the stream will begin at 23:30, 30 minutes before Mists of Pandaria will be officially released and live on World of Warcraft realms.

This is the first time when Blizzard is organising such an event before the launch of an expansion.

We have the most important Blizzard figures at the event, Mike Morhaime (president and co-founder), Chris Metzen (vice president) and Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street (class design leader).

The release of the new expansion is held through all Europe, events organized by big gaming and IT retailers, also big gaming stores that are cooperating with Blizzard for this event.

It is most likely that the Blizzard officials will encourage players to buy the game, make everyone to feel great at the event and overall promote Mists of Pandaria.

Since WoW expansions are so rare (at two years distance between them), the releases are the biggest events for the game, except Blizzcon (a gaming convention for World of Warcraft fans).

If you plan to experience the new continent (in-game), be sure to have food, potions, flasks, everything that can boost your damage and survivability.

Mists of Pandria Live Stream

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