The fire from the sky still falls, Diablo III has not yet launched error


Diablo 3 is already available for download from (the digital version). The client is a downloader of 7.60 gigabytes. The download will take a while depending on your connection.

The download speed is not displayed but it has the time remaining displayed.

The idea of this downloadable content is that players that already ordered or will order the digital version will be able to play the game on 15 May, on the next minute when the servers will be up and running.

When the download is finished, it will display the installation menu, clicking on Install, it will give this error, “The fire from the sky still falls, Diablo III has not yet launched”.

Obviously, the servers are not up and the installation cannot continue.

Be sure to start the installation from time to time as the Blizzard downloader will update the installation pack so on 15 May, the game will be ready to be installed and played.

The final prices have also been announced, the standard digital version for Diablo 3 will cost 59.99 US $, around 45 Euro for Europe. The collector’s edition will cost 99 US $.

The players can get the game for free by signing up for the Annual Pass, the promotion that will not be available after 1 May.

Another place to get the game for free is from different MMO and gaming websites that will surely make some contests and give some Diablo 3 games for free.

Diablo 3 Install Screen Interface

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