Tera closed beta, second weekend


The second closed beta weekend for Tera has started today and will last until tomorrow. Unlike the first beta test, the servers are up and running this time, no more errors, everyone can login to their accounts and try the game.

The only issue is the server limit, it works like in World of Warcraft, there is a queue. A player will have to wait even 50 minutes to be able to get into the game because of the queue. There is a message though, “If you have to wait more than 10 minutes, you may receive a gift”.

How to get a Tera beta key for this weekend? A Romanian website is giving free beta keys, computergames.ro. All that is required is to be registered on their website.

Create an account on their website, here, by using Google Translate.


For the first look, Tera looks better regarding the graphics and more friendly compared to Aion, Rift and Guild Wars 1. It can’t be compared to World of Warcraft regarding the small details like the UI (user interface) and mostly about the quality of the level design.

The quests are the same as in WoW so far (at start), grinding mobs.

The gameplay and the fighting style are different compared to World of Warcraft, the left click can be used to fire a bow for example. Overall is a nice change, but doesn’t feel very heroic on the long run. Your character will not look like Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 with the buster sword.

To conclude, Tera looks like just another MMO-RPG but it looks better than AION, Rift and Guild Wars 1.

Tera beta second weekend

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