Spotify proxy 404 error


Spotify users might encounter this error when logging in, a proxy 404 error that won’t allow them to login and use Spotify. This error appears after around 30-40 seconds after the user tries to login into the client.

There’s nothing to select from the proxy options displayed there, after the error warning is displayed.

How to fix this? I’m not sure if it is allowed to have two Spotify accounts but you can create a second account and use it as a free trial account.

Login with the credentials of this second account after you have reinstalled the Spotify client. It only takes like 2 minutes to reinstall it.
A window should display something related to the firewall that needs to be checked. You should now be able to login from your initial Spotify account and enjoy the music.

Other things that can be tried. For Windows 7, write in the search bar “firewall” and delete the two items there named “Spotify”. Try to reset your password from Try to login from another computer or device.

Usually, this error is not an issue from Spotify, is directly related to your account and PC, you can try to check if the Spotify login service really works by entering a wrong password that should result in a “wrong user/password” error instead of the “proxy 404”.

Spotify client login

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