Second Razer Blade, specs, upgrade, price and release date


Razer has announced today, their new version of Razer Blade, the second edition, under “the beauty is now the beast” quote.
The gaming laptop comes with a hardware upgrade and will cost only more 200$, having the final price announced at 2500$.

Hardware specs.

Processor: third generation of Intel Core processors, I7+.
Graphic card: GeForce GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5.
Memory: 8GB DDR3 at 1600MHz.
Storage: 500GB 7200RPM and another 64GB SATA III SSD for the main C partition.
SO: Windows 7 Home Premium, the 64 bit version.

Compared to the old Razer Blade, the laptop will use a much newer and advanced processor, a better video card, from the old GeForce GT 555M to the new GTX 660M, the RAM memory from 1333 MHz to 1600 MHz, a larger hard disk, the 7200RPM bonus for the SSD one. The operating system has remained the same, no upgrade to Windows 8 yet.

There are no other changes regarding the design of the laptop, the screen, materials, the switchblade interface and overall look are the same as the first Razer Blade.

Those interested, can already pre-order the laptop if they are living in US or Canada (other countries are not yet available at this time). Customers will receive their new gadget after 30 September that is also the official release date of the new Razer Blade (the second generation).

Razer Blade 2, the second generation

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