Samsung Galaxy Note, pink color (berry pink) is available in Korea


Samsung Galaxy Note has received a new model that is currently available for sale in Korea, a pink colored device named “Berry Pink”.

Berry Pink shares the same technical specs as the original Galaxy Note, the only differences coming from the design, Berry Pink having a pink case, also coming with a pink S-Pen and a pink cover (everything is pink :)).

There is no release date and no information regarding if the device will be sold outside Korea, in US and Europe.

What could be new for the pink Galaxy Note is the Android operating system, from the press release pictures, we can see that the device is running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. These are just some promotional pictures though, not official.

The “stock” Samsung Galaxy Note is being sold with Android 2.3 Gingerbread but there is no doubt that the 1.4 GHz processor will be able to run Android 4.0.

Samsung Galaxy Note was sold in about 5 million units since the release from October, last year, and was overall a success considering the skepticism when was first released, an Android device having neither the size of a smartphone or a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note Berry pink

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