Risen 2 preview, after playing the beta


There is one more month until we will wonder the tropical isles of Risen 2, one of the most awaited RPG and video game of the year. These games are so rare and if we are lucky, we will get like 3-4 medieval fantasy RPGs per year.

The world is divided into islands, our pirate hero will travel to each of them with different ships and boats. What will be interesting is that each island will have its own secrets, villages, camps, and will have something different even though they are all tropical isles.

Compared to the old Gothic games, the dialogues are still very interesting, there is the same UI when talking with a NPC, overall, a good feeling of the old Piranha Bytes games.

The starting zone has some amazing music, the player might stay there a while just for the amazing music.

The first island has an interesting feeling, some will say that the graphics are worst than in Risen 1. It is a different level design and overall feeling, but is not that bad like it was in Gothic 3, a huge world that in the end it became booring.

There are houses, towers, npcs everywhere and advancing trough the jungle is not a good idea without talking to everyone before, solving the quests and gaining a level or two.

The graphic is fine, different than in Risen 1, is not the same graphic engine.

The game will run on older systems because it was well optimized, is not Gothic 3 and neither Skyrim, but it will require a top PC to run at full details.

The combat system is ok, many clicks required, inferior to Gothic 1 and Gothic 2, better than in Gothic 3 though.

The story and other details cannot be spoiled.

Overall, it will be a great game or at least a wonderful experience for the old school fans.

Risen 2 User Interface (UI)

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