Recreate broken images, mass rename


Here is the situation. Some image files don’t have an extension like .jpg or .gif. If you open them, they look broken or fine.

If they are broken on your local hard disk but they look fine on the website/server, download them by using Filezilla (FTP client), from “settings”, go to “file types” and select “binary” and uncheck the two options from the bottom.

Download the images on your PC. They should look like files with no extension. Open a file with Windows Photo Viewer. If the image is not broken, all you need to do is to add “.jpg” at its end. If you have more than an image, you can use this software called “Bulk Rename Utility“. The software can mass rename your files, more exactly, it can add a “.jpg” extension to all of your files.

Once you have the software, open it, check for the “11” option named “extension”, select “fixed” and write “jpg”. Click ok and wait for the application to rename your images.

Re-upload the images on the server, they should not look broken anymore.

Broken images

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