Razer to release DeathStalker and DeathStalker Ultimate


Razer has just announced their new gadgets, two keyboards, the cheap and the expensive version, DeathStalker and DeathStalker Ultimate.

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate has a price of 250$, has a SwitchBlade panel on the right side, just like the Razer Blade laptop and the Razer Switchblade device concept (not released).

The panel has 10 keys that can be assigned to anything that is gaming or non-gaming related, in-game abilities, widgets, the panel can act as an independent browser, you can browse YouTube while doing something else on your computer’s main screen.

I still can’t see its usefulness while playing games, as a person can’t really let go of the mouse to press a button on that panel and neither can be done using the left hand. The panel is useful though when is used as a mouse and probably it can be used successfully.

Tech specs. The keyboard is wired, 4.05” touchpad screen (the right panel), Tri-colour backlit keys (the light that is making the keys to glow), Anti-ghosting for 10 keys, palm rest avaialable, Synapse 2.0 compatible.
Razer DeathStalker Ultimate will be available for sale after September, next month.

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate

Razer DeathStalker. The simple version, much cheaper, just 80$, doesn’t have the right touchscreen panel, only the basic design of the DeathStalker Ultimate.

A good choice for those who are looking for a slim keyboard (something like the Apple keyboards, only that for gaming).
The tech specs are the same as for DeathStalker Ultimate. This keyboard will be available in Q4 2012.

Razer DeathStalker

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