Razer Orbweaver lunched, what is new?


Razer has just launched Orbweaver, the new keypad that is trying to replace the old Razer Nostromo.

Even though Orbweaver is superior to Nostromo, the old keypad will still be available for sale. We can include Nostromo in the “Essential” category and Orbweaver into the “Expert” category.

What is Orbweaver bringing new?

– 20 mechanical buttons instead of 14 buttons that the Nostromo has. The buttons are using Cherry mx blue switches.

– compatible with Razer Synapse 2.0.

– adjustable hand, thumb and palm-rest. The palm-rest can be adjusted in the same way as Razer Ouroboros while the material texture is from the Razer Deathstalker’s palm-rest.

– green lightning.

The keypad is already available on Razerzone.com for 130$, shipping not included. The price is twice the amount as for Razer Nostromo but the advantages are superior, especially that the new keypad has mechanical buttons and is Synapse 2.0 compatible.

Razer Orbweaver

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