Razer live wallpaper for Android


There are a few unofficial Android themes on Google Play with Razer but they don’t look that great. Here is how you can customize your smartphone with a Razer live wallpaper that looks pretty awesome.

First thing, you can download “Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper” from Google Play, from here, free. This live wallpaper is compatible with any device and will consume a very small amount of resources.

Install the application. Download our Razer wallpaper from here. It works great for 480 x 320 pixels resolution. It can be adjusted very easy from Adobe Photoshop or other software, the logo moved to the left or right.

Razer Android wallpaper

Once you have both the application installed and the image (wallpaper) on your MicroSD card, apply the live wallpaper and from “configure”, “background settings”, check “use custom image” and indicate the path to the Razer wallpaper from your MicroSD card by clicking on “background image”.

Another important thing is to set the raining pixels to green instead of the default blue color, “the green Razer”.

If your smartphone doesn’t have a powerful processor, you can set the “pixel rain drop” to one, it will still look amazing.

This Razer wallpaper is very basic, it won’t require hardware resources or drain the battery, it is just the Razer logo on black background. The Razer official website has also a few wallpapers for smartphones, having the exact size for iPhones and Android devices.

Usually, the resolution of a wallpaper doesn’t matter since all of them will fit.

Razer live wallpaper

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