Razer legacy, history, their old mice and keyboards


Only a few fans really know that Razer wasn’t so famous as a company and neither their products, a few years ago.

Razer was established in 1999 by Robert Krakoff, also known as the “Razerguy”. He is the current CEO, and Min-Liang Tan.

Razer Boomslang was the name of the first Razer mouse and product. The mouse had improved precision and a fancy look compared to other mice released in 2000.

There is a second edition for this mouse that can be bought right now from razerzone.com. The current mouse has green glowing light for the scroll wheel and another light on the rear side. It looks definitely better than the old version of the mouse. But is cloning the design, the shape and the features of the original mouse.

Razer Boomslang second edition

The second mouse was named “Razer Viper“, released in 2003, having a red-transparent case, the mouse was boosting the DPI to 1400-2100.

2003 was also the year when Razer established a research and development center in Singapore. The company had financial issues but managed to solve them a year later.

The third mouse, Razer Diamondback was released in 2005, being the concept of Min-Liang Tan, Razer getting back to their old school concepts, Diamondback being another success like Boomslang was.

Late in 2005, Min-Liang Tan becomes the new Razer CEO, the Razer Copperhead mouse is released, another huge success. All the mice from the release are sold within 38 minutes.

2006 is an important year, Razer is launching their first keyboard, headset, and teams up with Microsoft in order to release Microsoft’s first gaming mouse based on Razer concepts and technology.

Razer Tarantula is released in 2006, Razer winning with the keyboard the place among the finalist from CES 2006.

Razer Tarantula

Razer DeathAdder (the first edition) is the mouse we talked about, is being released in 2006 as the first ergonomic mouse developed by Razer, the mouse is still sold today almost everywhere but in a more modern version called “second edition”.

Razer Lachesis is released in 2007, “the most popular ambidextrous mice of all time”. 2007 also brings Razer Lycosa (keyboard) and Razer Piranha (headset).

In 2008, Razer is setting up their Facebook page that gathers 10.000 likes within 7 days.

2009, Razer Mamba is released, the first wireless gaming mouse. Somewhere in August, Razer is releasing the Razer Naga, one of their most famous mice that brought them many fans.

Razer Naga having 12 side buttons, great for MMO video games like World of Warcraft. Communities are gathered, they are building their image trough the community, YouTube channels, Swifty’s YouTube channel, one of the most known Razer promoters.

What came out since 2008 is not legacy gear, most of the products are fresh and new even today. The most important product recently released being Razer Blade, a gaming laptop.

They are still growing and maintaining their image with sponsorships, donations for good causes.


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