Razer Abyssus driver, best DPI a polling rate?


This mouse doesn’t require any drivers since it doesn’t have extra buttons or features. Still, Razer has a driver for it.

The driver that can be found on the Razer’s website will allow you to set a few things for the mouse. You can set the movement speed of the cursor, reassign the three buttons as you like (scroll click can act as left click for example).

Notice that without the Razer Abyssus software, the mouse will work great as it is.

Download the Razer Abyssus driver, version 2.1 from here.

After installing the driver, a PC restart is required. To cancel all the settings made from the software, just uninstall the driver. The manual for the Razer Abyssus can be found on the page with the mentioned link.

The DPI and the Polling rate are two important aspects for this mouse. As default, the mice arrives with the Polling Rate set to 125hz and the DPI to 450.

Casual users or casual gamers will find difficult to manage the mouse with these settings. The best values that I’ve found for World of Warcraft are 1000hz Polling Rate and 1800 DPI.

Razer Abyssus Driver Software

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