Rapture as a sequel for Dear Esther


Dear Esther was released a while ago, somewhere in February, this year, as a first-person adventure-explorer. Even though the genre sounds weird, some game critics could not say that “Dear Esther” is an actual video game as it lacks any kind of gameplay.

The player only has to follow a path to advance, it is really hard to miss the right path as the exploration is pretty limited as you cannot jump, climb and not even swim. Swim, because the main action takes place on an island.

Dear Esther is built using the “Source” graphic engine, the one used for Half Life 2.
The company who has developed this game is named “thechineseroom”, they are from UK.

Dear Esther impressions.

The game looks weird as you start, almost ready to encounter some zombies or aliens like in the usual FPS video games.

Then you realize as you start walking that you are alone on the island. You just follow a path with the narrator reading letters, then you know that you are on the right path.
The red light flickering far away, you imagine that the main goal of the game is to go there. Some lantern flickers from a dungeon, as you arrive there, it is empty.

The amazing dungeon level, the third (there are four), is just insane, probably one of the most atmospheric level design ever created. You risk and jump into emptiness and sometimes you die, sometimes you live, there is one particular abyss that after you take the risk and jump, you wake up below realizing that you just had luck and there was a pool there, just amazing.

Then there is the soundtrack, then the thoughts you gain while you explore, then the perfect place, an island, then the duration of the game, around 2 hours or less. And then there is the ending. There is no time to get bored by this game.

These are just subjective impressions.

Dear Esther level design

Dear Esther sequel?

The official website (dear-esther.com) has a news section but there is nothing regarding a sequel. The FAQ section also doesn’t say anything.

There are a few pages created on Facebook (if you search “Dear Esther”) but they don’t look as being official. You can follow two twitter accounts (the main persons behind the game), @danpinchbeck and @RobertBriscoe.

The official website of the developers, thechineseroom.co.uk is saying that the team is working on a sequel for Amnesia (a horror video game).

And most important, a video game named “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture”, as some sort of sequel or a video game like Dear Esther.

You can see the page here.

To quote a few lines that are available, “We want to try and create a game that takes place at the moment of apocalypse itself”, “What happens when time ceases to exist, when the world becomes empty. How do normal people respond to the end of the world itself?”.

This just sounds amazing. Not to say that they are working on this new game under the “CryEngine3” graphic engine, more capable of rendering digital art than Source.

Rapture Dear Esther sequel

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