PSN 1.7 available for update, changes


Sony has announced on the official PlayStation blog that PSN users will be able to update their devices to the 1.7 firmware version, starting from this Wednesday (12 September).

What 1.7 will bring new?

New camera option, PSN users will be able to take pictures (screenshots), the feature will be available since 1.7, directly from the emotes menu.

The e-commerce module is being updated and more easy to use now. Thumbnails and details for a product will be displayed in the same window, it will be easier to buy anything just by highlighting an item (its thumbnail), pressing the triangle to add it into the basket or the square button for an instant buy.

Animated items. You will be able to use animated avatars that can have their “movement speed” increased.

The “Blocking and ignoring players” feature was improved, you will no longer see emotes made by players that are in your ignore list. Also, players that are blocked will have the “ignored” or “blocked” word under their names.

When you receive a new private message, PSN will announce it by making a sound notice.

Other than this, just stability issues have been fixed in order to make the system bug-free and offer a greater experience for the PlayStation Network users.


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