Prometheus sequel announced, possible release date


One of the most interesting and anticipated movie of this year, Prometheus, will receive a sequel as the official announcement was made today. Those subscribed to the IMDB Android app were happy to see the news today at early hours.

Only few details are known at this time, that Ridley Scott will still direct the next movie, one of the script writers, Damon Lindelof might not continue to participate in the making of the sequel and that the movie might be released in 2014 or 2015.

The main character of Prometheus and the android robot have survived and a sequel was inevitable considering how Prometheus ended. A slow paced movie somehow that got really intense near the end and also for the idea that the sequel will take us to the planet of the engineers where the “alien goo” will be unloaded.

Engineer’s planet infestated by aliens is a great picture, the 3D technology might evolve even further until 2015, the landscapes in 3D of an alien planet sounds very very sweet.

Prometheus was a success, starting with a score of 8 on imdb, right now has 7.6, gaining a profit of $300,314,953 by 26 July (double than the production costs), also one of the few 3D movies seen today that are not based on video effects and rather on the story.

Prometheus hologram

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