Prometheus first scene explained


One of the most awaited movie of this year is already running on cinemas around the world, even though the official release date is 8 June for most countries.
This is a review that will try to explain how good and bad this movie is. forums are filled with topics saying that the fans were expecting more from this movie considering that it is an icon for the SF genre and is directed by Ridley Scott.

What is wrong with Prometheus is that the movie isn’t focusing on aliens as fans expected, there is no action and no fight between humans and aliens/alien, is mostly about finding out the origin of humans.

Prometheus statue

There are many questions that this movie is raising.

What is important, those muscular human beings (the engineers) have created humans as we can see in the first scene, one of them is sacrificing himself by drinking that thing and falls into the waterfall so humans can be born, if you notice his DNA is being destroyed but not all, we can see some of it regenerating and becoming a full DNA structure.

The explanation is that this “creature” from the first scene is running away from something, we can see he is worried when he sees the space ship above him.
#update. From the deleted scenes, looks like he wasn’t running, all was planned as there are other engineers and the scene looks like some kind of ritual.

These creatures are later planing to destroy earth and all the life on it.

Charlize Theron in Prometheus

Moving on, David is infecting a crew member so the alien “big thing” from the end of the movie is born. He didn’t knew what will happen after he infected that crew member though.

All the “alien” action is near the end of the movie, of how the alien is being born.

Is it worth to watch it at cinema? Definitely yes, as 3D, it will be an extraordinary experience since the movie already looks great.

Overall, the movie isn’t memorable and doesn’t meet the expectations because isn’t focusing on aliens (you can notice that the movie is named “Prometheus” and not “Alien/Aliens Prometheus) and also doesn’t have enough story, conflicts and action to surpass the desired alien action. But is not a mediocre movie like Alien 4 or the AVP movies.

Prometheus space ship

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