Prometheus, a 3D experience, story explained


So, I went to see Prometheus, 3D version IMAX, hoping for an amazing experience since the movie has some good ingredients, the “alien” badge even though is just named “Prometheus”, a SF movie, and Ridley Scott.

This is mostly due the high number of 3D movies that are just showing incredible 3D effects but are lacking a decent story, so, Prometheus looked like a “must watch” movie at cinema.

Prometheus hologram

Spoilers from here on.

Prometheus is unveiling more than a decent story, is answering to a lot of questions regarding the Alien universe, if you watch it closely, you won’t have many doubts of what really happens on LV 426, from where the “aliens” are coming, how Nostromo is intercepting the SOS signal.

Even though we have these answers, there are also aspects that are left as mistery, there are many theories of why the “engineers” have created humans, it is unknown if they created us by mistake, or trying to make the humankind as some sort of biological experiment or we have been created by the “engineer” from the first scene that we see in Prometheus as something illegal (he was an outlaw doing things against his kind).

The captain of Prometheus (the name of the space ship) is saying at some point that LV 426 looks like a military base where these engineers have made experiments, far from their home planet in order to avoid any incidents.

When the crew of Prometheus is entering the room with the black goo urns, we can see on the walls, paintings showing some “alien” artworks. From what it looks, the “aliens” were created as a biological weapon by engineers, in order to destroy living things from any planet.

As we see that the ship is loaded with thousands of urns containing black goo that is the seed of creating aliens and the destination of the engineers was earth, so they planned to extinct humankind.

LV 426 planet

What is interesting is that at the end of the movie, the main character, (DR.) Elizabeth Shaw is saying to David (the android) that she wants to take a ship and go to the planet where the engineers are coming from, either to take revenge or to get answers. This opens a sequel for Prometheus and leaves high hopes for another amazing 3D experience, imagine how the planet of the engineers looks like, the 3D effects that can be created, some serious action involving the classic aliens this time.

Prometheus, a 3D experience. If you have played Starcraft 2, you will notice many similarities with the game’s lobby where the NPCs talked, around half of the movie involves scenes from the Prometheus space ship, you will see some high tech interfaces, holograms, some 3D perspectives with the LV 426 landscapes directly from the main window of Prometheus.

There are few close-ups that will project the illusion that the objects are really in front of you. There are some amazing scenes like the opening scene with the waterfall, the storm, the holograms with the engineers, the hologram with the earth, basically, there are many.

What is important is that the movie isn’t based on 3D effects, these effects are subtle and not being forced.

Overall, Prometheus might reach a score of 7 on IMDB from the initial 8 but is not a bad movie, even though the fans expected more “alien” action.

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