PHP QR code image generator (premade script)


QR (quick response) codes are useful to share different links or just for holding some basic text. The QR code can simply replace a business card. You can print your QR code that contains your name, phone number, e-mail etc.

There are many websites that are generating QR codes but what we have here is a PHP script that can generate QR code images when a web page is displayed.

Download PHP QR Code from here, This is the framework (library files).

Download PHP QR Code Image Generator (our premade script) from here, it contains one file that can generate the QR code.

Create a basic folder and name it “qrcode-generated”, upload the folder by FTP on your server.

Run our page (qr-code.php) into your web browser (

Notice the QR code image. If you read the QR code with a smartphone for example, it will read “”, the text written in the script. You can modify this text and make it dynamic with some basic PHP skills.

You can even go further and generate a QR code for URLs, the script is already done, you just need to include the php code until the “echo” line into your own php file.

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