Check paper size error for printers, page stuck in queue

Issues with the printers are some of the worst as it is hard to identify what goes wrong and how to fix the problem.
Issues that can occur. 1. “Check paper size” error after printing the first page. 2. A page that remains in queue and keeps printing after you restart your printer.

This article will tell you all you need to do in order to make solve these two more »

Wireless connection not working from the router, channel setting sollution

If you can enter in the admin interface of your router, from “” and you see that everything is fine, there is one thing you might miss.

The router will not display that the network UTP cable is unplugged and you will think that the issue comes from the router’s settings.

To test this, plug the UTP cable directly into your network card from the PC more »

Canon MF5770 printing error

If your printer stops working, you can reinstall it, starting by reinstalling the drivers. If you download the drivers from the official website and run the executable, in most cases it will say that an older version of the driver already exists on your computer.

To solve this, go to “Printers and Faxes” (Windows Start button), click on “File”, “server more »

How to configure Teamviwer, remove the protection?

Connecting to another PC can be done very easy by using Teamviwer, a free software that will allow you to initiate a remote connection to another PC.
Teamviwer is required to be installed on both PCs and to be running when you initiate the connection.

Download Teamviwer from here, free. Click on the “start full version, it’s free” button.

Install the more »

How to create a Flash slideshow with images from Flickr, using Pictobrowser

Creating an image gallery can be tricky without knowing HTML or Adobe Flash. That’s why, you can use “Pictobrowser”, a free service that can create a simple but good looking Flash slideshow. The process takes around 5 minutes and doesn’t require any coding skills.

To start, create an account or login to your Flickr account ( Click on more »

Download Copy Handler Manager, software for copying a huge amount of small files

Copying a huge amount of files under Windows XP is very tricky and most of the time impossible since you will get errors that will completely stop the copying process.

It is much easier when copying files that are not small. The copying speed will be very high unlike when copying small files when the speed will be reduced to a few kilobytes per second.

To make this process easy more »

How to create a Google Reminder for your phone?

Google has a great service integrated within Google Calendar that is allowing users to setup reminders that will be sent to their mobile phones by SMS. What is important is that the service is free and the SMS are also free.

To setup a reminder, login to your Google account, go to the Google Calendar service.

There, if you click on “Create” and you try to create an more »

Final Fantasy VII to be released soon in a new format

Some good and bad news for the FFVII fans, Square Enix is planning to release Final Fantasy VII in a new format using the same old graphics from 1997, nothing new except achievements, no more than 36 achievements to unlock, who would have thought?

Cloud saves feature, meaning that you can play FFVII at home, go somewhere else and continue from the same point you where when you left more »

iGoogle to be removed after 1 November 2013

Bad news, Google has announced that they will remove iGoogle after 1 November 2013.

The announce is made by a simple line that appears under the search button for every iGoogle account.

There is also a link toward this article that is explaining in a few words the reasons and what users can do.

There is just one given reason, that right now, Google Chrome and Android more »

How to add a Squirrelmail HTML signature or a plain text signature?

From the three e-mail clients from CPanel, only Squirrelmail has options for adding a signature to your e-mails.

To setup a plain text signature, login into your e-mail box, “squirrelmail”, click on “options”, “personal information”, notice the blank space near where is saying “Signature”. Copy/paste or compose your signature. All more »