Paypal e-mail phishing,

The Paypal users might receive a phishing e-mail that looks almost legit if we look at the URL links within the e-mail.

Here is how a phishing URL looks like: “”.

Be careful, do not visit this URL.

Even though the url looks like a subdomain, several security forums have reported more »

The procedure entry point _except_handler4_common could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll, fix?

This Windows error appears when opening videos with any video player like BSPlayer, Winamp, Windows Media Player etc.

This is the exact error: “The Procedure Entry Point _except_handler4_common Could Not Be Located In The Dynamic Link Library MSVCRT.dll”.

The videos will work, though, after clicking “ok” on the error message from the window.

How more »

Warcraft 3 registry fix tool (W3Fixer) for fixing patch update errors

The latest Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne patch was released a while ago, it is the version “1.26a” and is required for, Garena and most of the places where DotA or the classic Warcraft 3 is being played.

This patch can be applied no matter what version your Warcraft 3 client has. There are many mirrors on the web, the best place to download Warcraft 3 TFT 1.26a more »

Asus K53SC-SX221D laptop, review, specs, gaming tests and drivers

Asus K53SC-SX221D can be a good choice for business, multimedia and casual-pro gaming. This is a short review for this laptop that costs around 600-700 euro.

The hardware specs for the Asus K53SC-SX221D are the following: an i5 Intel quad core processor at 2400 GHz, more than enough for any software and also for serious multitasking, 4 gigabytes RAM memory, 750 gigabytes of disk space more »

Need For Speed The Run error, “The Procedure Entry Point, Failed Creating D3D Device”

The latest Need for Speed (NFS), The Run, is already released, it is available on every gaming platform, it can be bought from every gaming store, there are even digital download versions.

The fans need to be very careful when buying the game because the system requirements are not a joke for this game as it won’t run on a video card that is not DirectX 10 more »

Facebook login issue, mobile phone verification, enter confirmation code, a code was sent to your following number

Facebook is using a mobile phone verification system, the same system as Google or many other important websites.

When creating a new account on Facebook, a mobile phone number will be required along with the e-mail address. This phone number is very important, losing it, it might lead to losing also the access to the Facebook account.

Facebook will do a random verifications more »

Download Nokia PC Suite 7.1 for 6303i, how to use it?

Nokia has a phone management software that can be used by connecting the phone by USB, so it can backup all the phone’s data, contacts, SMS messages, calendar, notes, bookmarks and settings.

The Nokia phone can also be used as a modem for PC in order to establish an Internet connection if the mobile phone operator is allowing that.

Nokia PC Suite is overall a great tool more »

How to connect Nokia 6303i to PC using the USB cable

The Nokia 6303i comes in the retail box with an USB cable that can be used with Nokia PC Suite or the Data Storage feature that will allow to copy and manage files on the MicroSD Card.

How to connect the Nokia 6303i to the PC using an USB cable? Follow these steps: connect the USB cable to both the phone and the PC.

Notice that Windows will recognize the phone as Nokia 6303i more »

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim tips, how to travel faster, teleport, use shouts, use magic, sprint, run faster, trade with merchants

The second part of tips and tricks for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Even though some fans complained that Skyrim has a console oriented interface, the fast traveling system, the map, even the inventory that is reminding of Gothic 1 and 2 are more than fine.

Fast traveling, teleport. The player can either buy a horse (it costs 1000 gold) or he can just use the map. When visiting more »

Microsoft DirectX 10 Windows XP 32 bit for Skyrim

Another tweak for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is to update the Microsoft DirectX from 9 to 10 when using Windows XP, the 32 bit version.

Microsoft DirectX 10 is not officially supported by Windows XP, it is only available for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Even though this version is not official, it will really update the OS’s DirectX.

To see what DirectX version is more »