Risen 2 Collector’s Edition items

The release date for the most awaited RPG video game of 2012 is getting closer, 27 April. Piranha Bytes is making the waiting a little bit more pleasant every week by releasing news.

They have released the third episode of the Making Of series, talking about the movement and animations from Risen 2.

Today, Piranha Bytes has unveiled the Collector’s Edition more »

World of Warcraft digital version at half the price until 19 February 2012

After the World of Warcraft discounts from December, last year, the European fans complained that the discount was applying only for the US market. The same products were much expensive for Europe back then.

A few days ago, Blizzard announced the new exclusive discounts for Europe only. This promotion is to celebrate the 7th anniversary since World of Warcraft servers have started in more »

Razer Abyssus driver, best DPI a polling rate?

This mouse doesn’t require any drivers since it doesn’t have extra buttons or features. Still, Razer has a driver for it.

The driver that can be found on the Razer’s website will allow you to set a few things for the mouse. You can set the movement speed of the cursor, reassign the three buttons as you like (scroll click can act as left click for more »

Why ACTA is wrong?

ACTA is another important subject of 2012 regarding piracy, copyright etc.

Why is a wrong concept, what is about and what it means. ACTA means Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and was secretly signed after four years of negotiations by 22 European Union states at Tokyo, on 26 January, this year, 2012.

A list with all the countries the signed for ACTA. Austria, Belgium, Czech more »

Serioux ZO110 headphones review, sound quality

Serioux ZO110 are some cheap headphones, having a price around 4 euro or even lower. What is interesting about these headphones is the catching system, “Around Ear”. They will get attached to the ears and not inserted in the ears.

The ear attaching system works like this. Turn the white plastic for the ear towards you, and attach it. The correct position is with the more »

Razer Blade available for US And Canada, unboxing video From IGN

One of the most awaited gadget of 2012, Razer Blade, the first gaming laptop, is now available for order by gamers from US and Canada. The laptop is not yet available for Europe, Australia, or Asia.

Checking the Razer Blade’s product page from the non US or Canada versions of razerzone.com, the old flash presentation is still being displayed. Those who are hurrying to order the more »

League of Legends Exclusive Razer Abyssus runes giveaway

League of Legends (LoL) has a system that is using runes, almost similar with the glyphs from World of Warcraft.

The runes are adding stats or other bonuses like more attack damage for a starting character. The runes can be bought with influence points. A new character will have two different rune pages at start, the rune pages can be chosen after you have picked a more »

How to transfer a Facebook page ownership to another user?

Facebook is allowing ownership switches for pages (Facebook fan pages). A page can be transferred to another Facebook user in no more than two minutes. The page will completely disappear from the initial owner’s account and will appear attached to the account where was transferred to.

Follow these steps in order to transfer a Facebook page to another user.

Login to the more »

World of Warcraft 4.3.2 64 bit client

Great news for all users that have Windows 7 on 64 bit. Blizzard has released with the 4.3.2 mini patch, a 64 bit client for World of Warcraft.

The client won’t require to reinstall the game, just requires to download three files, copy them into the folder where World of Warcraft is installed and to run the new executable. The game will auto-update to the 64 bit more »

Update SQL syntax for two variables

There is a trick regarding the “UPDATE” command for SQL, it won’t work like it does for “INSERT”, “SELECT” or “DELETE”, when you have two or more variables like “$updateSQL = “UPDATE table SET id1 = ‘1’ && id2 = ‘1’”.

The “AND” or the “&&” syntax more »