The fire from the sky still falls, Diablo III has not yet launched error

Diablo 3 is already available for download from (the digital version). The client is a downloader of 7.60 gigabytes. The download will take a while depending on your connection.

The download speed is not displayed but it has the time remaining displayed.

The idea of this downloadable content is that players that already ordered or will order the digital version will more »

Beyond Divinity tips and tricks

Beyond Divinity was released as a sequel for Divine Divinity, the action taking place 20 years after the end of the first game from the series. Beyond Divinity is using the same old gameplay, only that this time, there are two characters that the player will have to control, our new hero and a death knight.

The reason for why this game is good is because we can enjoy more of Divine more »

Risen 2 preview, after playing the beta

There is one more month until we will wonder the tropical isles of Risen 2, one of the most awaited RPG and video game of the year. These games are so rare and if we are lucky, we will get like 3-4 medieval fantasy RPGs per year.

The world is divided into islands, our pirate hero will travel to each of them with different ships and boats. What will be interesting is that each island more »

5 of the best City Building video games for PC

EA has launched the first trailer for Sim City 5, 3D, amazing graphics and details but some fans still prefer 2D games even though they are old, this genre is all about gameplay and not graphics for them.

Here is a list with city building video games that are worth to be played.

Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom, a 100% city building video game based on the genre established more »

Google Play is replacing Android Market

Android Market users were surprised to find out that Android Market does not exist anymore, the old shortcut from their smartphones and the old Android Market interface are now replaced by Google Play.

Except the name (Android Market becoming Google Play), nothing is changed for the website and the Android Market application from smartphones. In fact, Google is even making a good more »

nVidia Physx fix for Mass Effect 3

The new Bioware – Electronic Arts video game has been released, a long awaited Science Fiction Action – RPG, Mass Effect 3.

The game will run with no issues on Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit version, having the latest driver updates.

Only one issue for the ATI video card users. The game will give this error when you start it. “Using Hardware Accelerated Physx Has more »

Tera closed beta, second weekend

The second closed beta weekend for Tera has started today and will last until tomorrow. Unlike the first beta test, the servers are up and running this time, no more errors, everyone can login to their accounts and try the game.

The only issue is the server limit, it works like in World of Warcraft, there is a queue. A player will have to wait even 50 minutes to be able to get into more »

Paypal available for World of Warcraft inside

Blizzard has implemented Paypal besides the old payment methods, Visa, Electron-Visa, MasterCard, JCB and American Express. This is for European users (

When paying for different services within, the Paypal method won’t appear along the credit cards. There is a new option though, notice the Balance button and the value in euro. Money can be added from more »

ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet, nVidia contest, correct answers

nVidia is organizing a contest (they are sending newsletters to all of their e-mail subscribers), rewarding the winner with an Asus Transformer Prime, a multimedia gaming tablet that can have a keyboard attached (from here goes the “Transformer” name).

The contest will require a simple registration and an answer to a question. “Which two of the following features are more »

The winner of the two exclusive Razer Abyssus runes for League of Legends (Razer Mark of Precision and Razer Quintessence of Speed)

The winner for the Razer League of Legends contest is the last user who made a comment, his nickname is “im the doctor”. He will receive the code with the runes very soon.

To determine the winner, we have used a simple PHP script to generate a number between 1 and 7 (the number of participants), and the generated number by the script was “7”.

The code more »