Kingdoms of Amalur Teeth of Naros DLC to be available after 17 April

The recent released Kingdoms of Amalur developed by 38 Studios and published by EA Games (Electronic Arts) will soon receive a DLC called “Teeth of Naros”.

The new content will be soon available for download on Steam after 17 April, that means in 11 days from now.

The DLC will contain a new city named “Idylla” that will include around twenty new more »

How to block Crabby from the World of Warcraft forum?

This is the second year since Blizzard is adding Crabby on the official WoW forums, on both of the European and US forums.

The animation is fun on good systems but will slow old computers. To disable Crabby, a flash blocker can be installed but the pop-up messages will still appear, though. A more easier solution is to disable javascript while browsing the WoW forums.

This can more »

Ridge Racer Unbounded tips and tricks

The Burnout fans are enjoying a new racing game named “Ridge Racer Unbounded”, developed by Bugbear Entertainment and published by Namco, a racing video game with the same concepts as Burnout, car racing with the goal of finishing the races in the first 3 places while fragging other cars.

This is not a Need for Speed game even though it looks like, the gameplay is more »

How to make a Facebook profile to be fully private so other users won’t see anything?

Currently, there is no “button” that can hide your profile and make it fully private.

A simple user that doesn’t know too much about Facebook will go to the “Privacy Settings” tab that is actually not making your profile private.

Here is the easiest solution for making a Facebook account to be fully private so it will just display the following more »

How to delete all tables from a Microsoft Office word or Google Docs document?

Some documents, PDF or .doc from Microsoft Office Word are containing all the text within tables.

There is no way to remove all the tables from a document within a few clicks. The tables can be removed one by one but this is an issue if the document has a lot of content.

Here is a solution that will remove/delete all tables.

Software and web services that are required: more »

Why Razer isn’t producing PC cases

Checking the new available products on, we can see headphones, mouse-pads, bags and an iPhone case. Razer still doesn’t come up with PC cases, full PC systems or monitors.

Lately, they have been adding to their online store, caps, t-shirts, the new iPhone case, flasks for energy drinks, gaming themed bags, everything a gamer needs.

It is highly possible that more »

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria NDA lifted, new details

Blizzard has lifted the NDA (nondisclosure agreement) policy for MOP and we have new important rumors, details and spoilers for the background of the next World of Warcraft expansion.

The final boss from Mists of Pandaria will be the current Horde leader, Garrosh. The final fight will take place in Orgrimmar, it is possible that Thrall will once again become the Horde more »

Laptop vs netbook vs tablet, what to buy?

The differences between notebooks and netbooks are the price, screen resolution and hardware performance. Both can run the same operating system (Windows 7), unlike tablets that can run either iOS or Android.

Choosing between a notebook and a tablet is not hard. Depends what you want to do. For reading, surfing the web, checking e-mail, using social network services, the tablet is more »

Star Wars: The Old Republic free weekend, how to create an account?

EA is offering a free trial this weekend for everyone interested to try Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are two more days of playing the game for free, today and tomorrow.

Follow these steps in order to create an account and download the trial client. Go here, create an account, verify it by e-mail. The registration will require three more steps until the download link will be more »

How to remove addon domains from CPanel? (cloned subdomains)

If you have a web hosting account that is using a main domain and one CPanel (not individual CPanels for each domains that assigned to your hosting account), when you assign a new domain to CPanel, a subdomain will also be created.

Usually, search engines like Google, Yahoo etc, do not index these subdomains but sometimes they will and there is a small risk to trigger a SEO penalty more »