nVidia Physx fix for Mass Effect 3


The new Bioware – Electronic Arts video game has been released, a long awaited Science Fiction Action – RPG, Mass Effect 3.

The game will run with no issues on Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit version, having the latest driver updates.

Only one issue for the ATI video card users. The game will give this error when you start it. “Using Hardware Accelerated Physx Has Been Requested, But The Drivers Were Out Of Date”.

Since Physx is a nVidia technology, the ATI drivers don’t include this software.

To fix the issue even if having an ATI video card, download nVidia Physx from here. The application has just 29 megabytes, is compatible with any Windows operating system, XP, Vista and 7, all versions, 32 or 64 bit.

nVidia Physx will appear after the installation under Control Panel (“Uninstall a program” section). Except Mass Effect 3, other video games will require this tool as something basic.

Start Mass Effect 3, the game should run with no further issues. The graphics can be tweaked from inside the game, no need to run the configuration executable from the Mass Effect 3 folder. Bioware did a great job optimizing Mass Effect 3, the game will run at full graphic details on modest systems mostly because the game is also available on consoles and the graphic complexity have been tuned down so it can run on those devices also.

Mass Effect 3


  1. jordan
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    Thanks for the fix, helped me.

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    Thank you bunches!!!!!

  3. Gualter Ruben Santos
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    Rock On!!
    Great fix!
    Thank you very much!

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    its very bad
    when i open website
    its write access denied
    what must i do?
    plz e-mail and help me

  5. woo yeah
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    i wanna play this game come on

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    thanks! it worked for me

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