More than 11k Guild Wars 2 accounts hacked


More than 11.000 Guild Wars 2 accounts have been hacked recently, this is an official number provided by ArenaNet.
The ArenaNet officials said that the vast majority of users got their accounts hacked by phishing (clicking on links received in their e-mail inbox), also from visiting various websites.

There is one large Guild Wars 2 website (its name was not made public) that got hacked and all user’s passwords got retrieved from there. The hackers proceeded to verify if the passwords from that website were matching with the ones used for Guild Wars 2 accounts.

What is important as a user, in order to protect your Guild Wars 2 account, it is highly recommended to use a password that is not used on any gaming related website or forum.
Also not to click on any links received by e-mail that are related to Guild Wars 2 or gaming in general. Do not visit any website that has “hacks” or “cheats” for Guild Wars 2.
Usually Google and the web browsers are blocking these websites but not all the time.

Blizzard had also some issues regarding World of Warcraft not so long ago, when hackers managed to retrieve user’s passwords encrypted along other data from the United States servers.

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