Mists of Pandaria launch coverage


Mists of Pandaria was released yesterday, preceded by many events throughout Europe. Blizzard has streamed the MOP launch using YouTube.

Looks like the IRL event was in order to make people feel that there is a transition between expansions.

On the stream, Ghoswtcrawler (Greg Street from Blizzard) was live from Paris, France. There have been some Asian artistic moments at drums, a huge success that added spice to the event.

They have talked about the new features in MOP, the background story for this expansion, the monk class, pet battles, most important, who invented and came up with the “Panda” idea character in the Warcraft universe.

Samwise Didier is the answer, the art director from Blizzard drew a picture many years ago and so the character took birth.

Only Ghostcrawler was on stage in France, Mike Morhaime and Chris Metzen had just recorded videos.

First impressions.

Neverdc.com managed to stream the launch, in-game. The first 20 minutes have been unplayable due to lag. Then everything started to run smooth.

The starting quest was intense, something like we had in the old Final Fantasy VII, then continued with the same old grinding quests. There are also quests where you get to relax, gather something like oranges, duel NPCs, quests that will give to the player a new UI with different abilities like we had before.

Comparing it to Cataclysm, Pandaria seems to be a place to chill, hang around with no rush doing quests, grinding etc. In terms of epicness, Vashj’ir is still above Jade Forest (Alliance starting zone).

Athene didn’t announced anything regarding getting level 90 as world first. This is the first expansion where he doesn’t participate at this leveling marathon.


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