Losing Internet connection, renew IP issue


If you encounter these issues, you can do a thing or two.

If the LAN IP for your computer is auto-assigned, you can add manual values to make sure that you don’t have an IP conflict.

Go “start”, search for “cmd” hit enter. Write “ipconfig/all”.

From there, you can see your auto-assigned IP, the subnet mask, default gateway etc.

The only thing that you need to do is to change your IP. You can put something like The Subnet mask value can be seen from the cmd command. The same for the default gateway and the DNS values. Default gateway is the IP of your router, usually it is “”.

If you are not sure if “” is a free IP, download an IP Scanner software that will list all the devices that are connected to your LAN.

For urgent actions, you can disable/enable your LAN connection from Network Connections. The Internet connection might work for a few minutes.

Other things that you can do is to scan your PC with an antivirus and also do a scan with an Anti-spyware software.
You can also disconnect the LAN connector from the router and move it to another port.

IPconfig/all cmd command

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