Lenovo H420 PC mini review, blue screen at installation, how to enter Bios?


Lenovo H420 comes with an Intel Celeron processor, Dual-Core G530, 2400 MHz with 2048 KB cache. Other specs. 2 gigabytes of RAM (DDR3 – 1333 frequency), Intel HD Graphics 2000 as video card, 500 gigabytes disk space (SATA).

These specs are more than enough for office use but definitely not enough if you plan to play the latest video games.
This PC can run even HD videos at 1080p quality from YouTube or normal videos.

Lenovo H420

Moving from the specs, the case looks great, full black with two red lines on the front side, it has an exquisite CD-DVD ROM eject system, just one button on the top for “shut down”. There are no other buttons like one for restarting the PC.

We have a card reader entrance, two USB ports, one for audio and one for microphone on the front side, all on the upper side of the case. The Lenovo logo in the middle of the front side.

Lenovo H420 doesn’t have a power off/on button from the power source. When the PC is on, you won’t hear almost anything, it is very very silent.

Lenovo H420 comes with a CD with drivers but there are only for Windows 7 (it can run Windows 7 without any issue).

For Windows XP or more drivers, you can try this link, click on “Drivers & Software”, where is saying “Quick Path”, write “H420” and all the drivers will be listed.

An important issues, if you install Windows XP, you might get a blue screen after the files have been copied. This is not a hardware issue, though.

You need to go into Bios and select for HDD, “IDE” instead of “SATA”. You can restart the Windows installation process after that.

To enter bios for Lenovo H420, press the F1 keyboard key. This PC doesn’t use the default “delete” key to enter bios. To change options from bios like to assign the DVD-ROM as primary boot device, use the plus and minus keys (+ and -).

Windows blue screen

Overall, is a good PC for office, a good choice instead of a non-brand PC.

Lenovo H420 front side

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