Kindle Paperwhite to be available from October, specs and prices


Those that were convinced that Amazon won’t ever release a Kindle with a built-in light source seems that were wrong because Amazon Paperwhite is almost ready to be released, and it has a light source incorporated.

Since the light source is so important because users are generally reading before sleeping, the new device comes to solve the last “inconvenient” that the previous Kindle had.

Users can also buy right now a leather cover that has a light source, for their forth generation of Kindle. The only issue is that this cover costs around half of a Kindle, around 40-50$. Also the light source won’t perfectly illuminate the readable Kindle surface, no matter what the reviews are saying.

What Kindle Paperwhite brings new? Besides the light source feature, the gadget comes with an improved battery that will last 8 weeks (reading 30 minutes per day), even with the light source on. 8 weeks means double of how long the actual Kindle 4 can last.

Better resolution and contrast, six new font styles with 8 adjustable sizes. The gadget has almost the same size as Kindle 4, same 6” screen, is a little bit more heavier, has the same storage space of 2 gigabytes, the same black/white experimental browser, and no processor.

It has the touchscreen technology available.
Nothing is mentioned regarding the refresh flick in the official specs, when sometimes the screen is going full black when turning a page.

Kindle Paperwhite will be available after October, next month. It will be available in two versions, the 3G version, for 179$ and the cheap version without 3G, for 119$. Both versions have Wi-Fi.

Is Kindle Paperwhite worth the upgrade? Just for night reading, yes. But if you already own a Kindle 4 and an official Kindle cover with a light source, and you consider that reading like this is fine, then there is no need to upgrade.

Kindle Paperwhite

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