Keep pressing, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc, YouTube comments, what it means?


There are many comments on YouTube that are saying “keep pressing 4, 5, 0 etc”. Some are high rated comments that are staying on the top of all the comments for the respective videos.

What those numbers means and how it works?

YouTube has implemented some shortcuts a while ago. These shortcuts can skip a video to a certain moment. Pressing “0” for example (not from the numpad keys), will start the video from the beginning.

Very important, the shortcuts are not working from the numpad keys.

Loading a page with a video and pressing any number won’t do anything and it is the same after finishing watching a video.

To enable the use of the number keys, either replay a video by pressing the replay button from the YouTube’s video player or by moving the circle timer to get the video forward (skip forward).

The number keys don’t mean seconds or minutes, they are most likely working in percents. Pressing “5” for example, will get the video to the half (50%), pressing “9”, will get the video to 90%.


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