iPod Touch 5th generation, specs, new features


Besides the new iPod Nano, Apple also unveiled the new iPod Touch, the 5th generation, almost a device that looks and feels like an iPhone, only that it cannot be used as a phone.

Tech specs and new features.

Size: 6.1mm thin (thinnest iPod Touch ever created).

Processor: A5 dual core processor (doubles the performance), 7x faster graphics. The same processor used for iPhone 4S, the performance are similar.

Camera: 5 megapixel, five elements lens, auto-focus, led flash. 720 hd front camera. HD recording, 1080 dpi video quality. Panorama feature available.

Bluetooth: 4.0 version with LE, data transfer up to 150 mbps / second.

iPod Touch 5th generation comes with iOS 6 and Siri and overall is a great device for media and gaming. It can be connected to an Apple TV for gaming, other Apple applications or act as a controller.

The new device comes with the new headphones called “earpods”, as it was said at the Apple event, “it can fit to every human ear giving the best comfort, experience and sound quality.”

The earpods are also included for the other new Apple devices, iPhone 5, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and could be for iPod Shuffle, this was not mentioned.
iPod Touch 5th generation is available in 5 colors, silver, black, cyan, red and yellow. A part from the earnings coming from the red version for all iPods (Nano and Touch) is going to charity in Africa.

The device will be released next month in October, will be available in two versions, 32 and 64 gigabytes, the starting price being 300$.

iPod Touch 5th generation

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