iPod Nano 7th generation, specs and price


iPod Nano, the 7th generation was also presented at yesterday’s Apple event, the new music player becoming now also a video player, receiving a full redesign that reminds of the Nokia Lumia line smartphones.

Specs and what exactly is new.

Dimension: 4,5 mm thin, meaning that is 38% compared to the previous iPod Nano.

Display: 2,4” screen size, multi-touch.

It has a controller on the left side for switching songs, fast.

It has a home button placed on the lower area of the main side, just like the one for iPhone (looks quite similar).

Has an FM tuner.

Can be used to run videos wide-screen (every pixel being used).

Has a built-in application for running (one of the best uses for buying this gadget) that will count the distance that you ran, along other functions.

Has bluetooth for streaming the music to wireless speakers and headset.

Battery: lasts 30 hours when listening music and 3,5 hours for watching videos.
The new iPod Nano will be available in seven colors, silver, black, magenta-pink, green, cyan, yellow and red.

iPod Nano 7th generation comes with the new “earpods”, the new headphones made by Apple, more details in the next article regarding the new iPod Touch.

iPod Shuffle is remaining the same, only that will receive more colors and probably also the new earpods.

The starting price for the new iPod Nano is 149$.

iPod Nano 7th generation

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