iPhone 5 is available unlocked on local Apple websites, prices


While US customers can pre-order the new iPhone 5 on subscription for just 199$, the European countries are seeing the prices for the unlocked devices on their corespondent local websites, apple.com/uk, apple.com/fr etc.

In UK, iPhone 5 is available for £529.

In France, 679 euro.

In Germany, 679 euro.

Checking other Apple local websites, the new smartphone is available, the unlocked version (doesn’t require a certain operator) for 679 euro or is not available at all, for example for Apple Italy.

The other two versions of iPhone 5, the 32 gigabytes and 64 gigabytes are available for 789 / 899 euro.

Some local Apple websites don’t even have the new iPhone 5 on their main page meaning that the market is low in that area.

Besides the official apple websites, iPhone 5 is also available on different auction house websites like ebay but for overrated prices, some even going over 1200 euro since the smartphone is not available for every country and there are fans and FANS.

Those that are not so eager to get the new Apple product can wait around one more month when the device will be available in every country on mobile phone operators. The prices will be lower for subscriptions, just a little bit higher compared to the current ones for iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 UK price

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